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    2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator Video Game to Kill Boredom

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Microsoft flight simulator 2020 is a real flight game which is developed by Asobo Studio and with collaboration in publishing with Xbox Game Studios. It is an entry the series which started in the year of 1982 and was in 2006 it became preceded by the name Microsoft Simulator X. This game after 14 years of absence in the field returns with a new series of development to its release. In August 2020 the game was released for Microsoft Windows which consists of the version of virtual reality which was also released in December in the same year.

    The Microsoft flight simulator is a real flight game that uses the topography of the whole earth through the use of the data from the software Bing Maps. Microsoft flight simulator uses artificial intelligence which creates a 3-dimensional representation of the whole Earth including a cloud that enhances the visual of the player. It also consists of real-world data which allows the individual to create a real-time effect of weather. Microsoft flight simulator has a physics engine which gives the player the realistic experience of flight control of surfaces which around more than 1000 surface simulation along with realistic wind hills and mountains.

    aeroplane simulator

    The game’s AI had added some real-time elements which include natural weather and real air traffic. The level of realism made by the AI team of the group had made the players feel that they had visited their destination like their homes. This gameplay had added some more new features in the following year some of them like landing challenges and helper features. This game is also developed with the features of showing scenes of destruction like no other gameplay show which gives a feel of an aeroplane attack game. The game when released was praised for its realistic fidelity of graphics. Reviewers from all over the world placed this game on their top priority list. This game was also added with another wing i.e. it was awarded the Best game of strategy at the Game Awards of 2020.


    Flight Simulator Gameplay

    Microsoft flight simulator 2020 consists of the tutorial segment which is furthermore divided into sequences that give enjoyment to the players of flying new flight and to learn the controls which are very basic which are needed to learn before flying aeroplanes. From the beginning of the tutorial, there is a fictional pilot name Captain Jess Molina who assists the players in the game.

    It has some more exciting features which make it a more realistic aeroplane attack game i.e. it provides challenges to the players of landing their flight on famous and most dangerous airports and the players gets gradation on how well they landed the plan on the runways and how close they were on the runway’s zone of touchdown. Microsoft flight simulator has artificial intelligence which provides the player with realistic air traffic control and the assistance of a virtual co-pilot who always assists the player with how to land and how to go through the checkpoints.

    It has some more updated features of helping the player to go according to the waypoint arrows through the checkpoints. The checkpoints in the sky enable the player to go accordingly and make a smooth landing. The option travel allows the player to make their pilot jump at certain points in the flight. Microsoft flight simulator gives the player the option to search the fauna in the game by entering it through the world map or through selecting “Fauna Markers” in the mid of the air.

    Flight Simulator Controls

    Has another feature is known as the Auto rudder which allows the player to keep the plane on a straight line of the runway when the player cannot control the plane. This game has another feature inbuilt which allows the player to enter various geographical coordinates. The gameplay screen also provides the player with toolbar buttons which make them able to open the windows of various air traffic control along with camera views, modified checklist, viewing the navigation, see the objectives been given, map of the destination, etc.

    Microsoft flight simulator 2020 features no animation or damage caused due to the collision of the aircraft instead of that it becomes black and shows a one-line message showing the reason for the crash. This game also adds some more features which are known as head-up displays that can be accessed from the settings. With the complex amount of scenery of the topography and the data object, the flight simulator needs a stable internet connection for the smooth running of the game. This flight simulator also provides the players with the offline mode which uses some pre-cached data on its hard drive. The user of this game can set the location of the manual cache and the amount of the details to be stored and the storage size can be determined by the user through both methods.

    Features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator

    The Microsoft flight simulator’s standard mode includes more than twenty flyable aeroplanes. The deluxe category has five more planes and the deluxe premium edition consists of ten additional planes. Most of the aircraft in this game are the origin of America, France, Germany, and some countries like Australia, Czech have their aircraft.

    Flight Simulator

    The game Microsoft flight simulator has around more than 37500 manually made airports edited from all around the world depending upon the pictures of the satellite. More than around covering 35 to 40 aeroplanes of all 3 classes i.e. standard, deluxe, and premium deluxe which originally replicate their countries. All the deluxe airports are located mainly around the USA, Europe, and Africa while on the other hand, the premium deluxe airport includes Dubai airports and Heathrow.

    This game uses the graphics of Microsoft Azure which provide a realistic cloud and world map. Microsoft with the partner gets developed the solution which provides 3D models of buildings, trees. This allows the game player to experience the real world. The developer of the game has made a 3D scan to create the realistic look of the plane by polishing and painting.

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