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    Top 5 Young and Successful Indian Entrepreneurs

    India’s population is one of the world’s youngest. Despite their education, most of these young individuals are looking for work. While concentrating on economic growth, the government has now been attempting to increase job possibilities for youngsters. The Indian government uses entrepreneurship as one of the tools for creating job possibilities.

    The Top 5 India’s Youngest Entrepreneurs

    1. Ritesh Agarwal

    Ritesh Agarwal

    Ritesh Agarwal, the Founder of Oyo Rooms and a famous entrepreneur in India, was born in Bissam, Cuttack, Odisha, in the year 1993. He started selling SIM cards when he was 13 years old. After finishing high school, he went to a college in Delhi but dropped out to attend the Thiel Fellowship program, which billionaire internet investor Peter Thiel supports. In 2012, Agarwal started his first startup, Oravel. Talked up as India’s Airbnb, the firm changed its name to OYO Hotels & Homes in early 2013 and has been one of the world’s largest hotel chains.

    2. Byju Raveendran

    Byju Raveendran
    • Age:- 41
    • Founder:- Byju’s

    BJYU’S The Learning App is now an ed-tech company launched in 2011 by Bjyu Raveendran. Byju Raveendran, the son of mathematics and physics professors of Azhikode town in Kerala’s Kannur district, had been an educator who later became an entrepreneur. Byju Raveendran is among India’s most well-known and accomplished young entrepreneurs, with something like a total wealth of $2.5 billion. Byju is one of India’s young entrepreneurs, with an ed-tech firm worth between $4 million and $6 million. It employs around 12,000 people, including trainees.

    3. Tilak Mehta

    Tilak Mehta
    • Age:- 16
    • Founder:- Papers N Parcel

    Tilak Mehta is India’s youngest entrepreneur who has demonstrated that there is no age limit for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s simply a question of having the curiosity to attempt something new in order to make an impact. The little youngster is the creator of the ‘Papers n Parcels’ app-based courier business in Mumbai, a digital courier firm that provides one-day package services in collaboration with Mumbai Dabbawalas.

    4. Ranveer Arora Allahbadia

    Ranveer Arora Allahbadia
    • Age:- 28
    • Co-Founder:- Monk-E
    • Established:- BeerBiceps

    Ranveer Allahbadia is a young entrepreneur, YouTuber, Social media personality, fitness guru, and influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He’s also known as BeerBiceps, his current online stage name. People are primarily familiar with him because of his YouTube empowering videos.

    5. Trishneet Arora

    Trishneet Arora
    • Age:- 27
    • Founder:- TAC Security

    Trishneet Arora is an ethical hacker and a young entrepreneur in India. He is the CEO and creator of TAC Security Solutions, which assists in preventing and investigating cybercrime. After school dropout, Trishneet learned ethical hacking expertise and even published a book about that now called “The Hacking Era.” He started working for the Indian police on cyber-crime cases soon after, and the Punjab police asked him to provide a cyber-crime investigation and forensics training session.

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