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    33 Patents Filed by University of Engineering and Management Grads: an Unprecedented Achievement

    Nivedita Chatterjee, an engineering graduate from Innovation Council, University of Engineering and Management Kolkata, has applied for 33 patent filing for her inventions, and dozens more are in the works. She has thousands of dreams because she is the “odd one out in class” and constantly comes up with new inventions that will benefit society.

    Man Behind This Success Story

    Nivedita expresses her sincere appreciation to two individuals who worked behind the scenes, Professor (Dr.) Rajiv Ganguli, President of the Innovation Council of the University of Engineering and Management Kolkata, and Professor (Dr.) Anirban Das, Vice President of the Innovation Council.

    They have been supporting and advising students so that they can consistently use their latent potential to solve issues in the actual world by developing their talents.

    UEM Campus Diaries Story of Nivedita Chatterjee

    This may be the most patents a state undergraduate student has ever submitted. She is a talented inventor in many areas of science and technology. Her creations include novel, environmentally friendly megastructures like an underwater mine that she displayed at IME’2019 and IME’2022, a device for producing oxygen through artificial leaves made of spider silk, eco-friendly methods for recycling, unbreakable alloys made from medical waste, and even large-scale river cleaning initiatives.

    Furthermore, she has developed a shield that protects satellites from solar storms. Many other students have benefited from her guidance, and she helped them move forward through innovation. She has even published two books, “Our Brain: A Universe of Possibilities” and “Life’s Harvest.”

    She claims that the Innovation Council of the University of Engineering and Management Kolkata is always at the forefront of enhancing students’ talents, guiding them from conceptualization of innovation to eventual functional prototypes towards commercialization.

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