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    4 Best Five Star Hotels in Delhi: Choose the Best

    Why do we rank a hotel 5-star, or why does a hotel get its 5-star ranking? Before we get to know the top names of the five star hotels in Delhi, let us delve into the concept of the same. A 5-star hotel is usually considered a luxurious setup or establishment that offers the best and highest level of service in the hospitality (hotel) industry. The services are usually premium amenities and luxury accommodations.

    To get the 5-star ranking, the hotel must offer complimentary breakfast and free high-speed internet, aside from a minibar in each room. Not only that in terms of hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism, staff, and concierge, all these services set the benchmark for a 5-star hotel. These are just a few aspects that you must look into if a hotel must get a 5-star ranking.

    Having known about the criteria of the 5-star hotel naming concept, let us now get down to listing the five star hotels in Delhi, the country’s capital.

    Five Star Hotels in Delhi – What are Your Options?

    New Delhi is the capital of the country. This is a city that welcomes delegates and dignitaries from across the globe. This is because the country’s seat of power is right here. The place is vibrant and known for its hospitality and colourful lifestyle.

    Also, it is one of the most visited travel destinations for people who want to catch a glimpse of the monuments that trace back to the times of the Mughals. Let us find out the names of the best hotels in Delhi.

    1. The Lodhi Hotel in Pragati Vihar

    Located in central Delhi, the hotel is spread over 7 acres of land, with as many as 48 rooms. Each room has plunge pools and private balconies. Other amenities include

    • Spa with Hammam.
    • Curated salon.
    • State-of-the-art gym.
    • 50-meter lap pool.
    • 3 tennis courts.
    • 2 squash courts. For all the above sports, you can avail a personal trainer.
    • Multicuisine restaurants.
    • Room tariff starts at INR35,000 per night.

    2. The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi

    Regarded as one of the best hotels in Delhi, the hotel reflects the Mughal period. It was established by Raja Mansingh in 1978. Later, the Tata Group became part of the Taj Hotel venture.

    There are as many as 249 spacious rooms with excellent views. Amenities include-

    • Bar
    • Spa
    • Swimming pools
    • Lounge
    • Restaurants
    • Room service
    • Concierge and more
    • Room tariff starts at INR 16000 per night

    3. The Leela Palace in New Delhi

    The hotel is one of the best five star hotels in Delhi and boasts an excellent location. The hotel was built in 1986. Some of the amenities that you can enjoy here include the following-

    • Spacious rooms
    • Four specialty restaurants
    • 3 bars
    • Multilevel spa
    • The fitness center is fully equipped
    • The swimming pool is the only rooftop temperature-controlled pool
    • Airport transfers for leaders, celebrities, sportsmen, and other guests in luxury vehicles
    • Room tariff starts at INR 19,000 per night

    4. The JW Marriott Hotel in Aerocity

    This is one of the best hotels in Delhi. It takes approximately 7 minutes to drive to the IGI New Delhi from here. Set up in 1984, the hotel is named after the founder of JW Marriott. Some of the amenities of this hotel are –

    • World-class services and does not require an introduction
    • With exquisitely decorated, spacious, elegant rooms
    • Fully Service spa
    • 5 food and beverage outlets
    • Mini golf
    • Swimming pool
    • Room tariff starting at INR 12,000 per night

    In a nutshell, the names of the five star hotels in Delhi beckon those seeking luxury at a premium price to unwind or fix a business deal.

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