5 Eco-Friendly Diwali Decoration for 2022: Go Green this Festival Season

    The celebration of Diwali is arguably one of the most well-known in India. Diwali is a celebration associated with family and friends and spending time with your loved ones. It is celebrated with Diwali decorations, parties, and excellent food.

    Many people might find it difficult to picture themselves participating in this firework-free holiday. Unachievable, yet not impossible. Green Diwali, an eco-friendly decoration way to enjoy the festival, is rising on social media as experts worldwide issue dire warnings about climate change and global warming.

    Creative eco-friendly Ganpati decoration is a perfect example of eco-friendly decoration, which is made of biodegradable materials like bamboo, jute, cane, cork, colored strings, hay, and coir ropes.

    Safe Diwali Decoration

    It would be challenging for some individuals to imagine this holiday without firecrackers. Although challenging, it is not impossible. The term eco-friendly refers to an environmentally friendly celebration while scientists worldwide worry about climate change and global warming.

    Making this year’s celebration environmentally friendly by utilizing green crackers would assist in preventing health issues and environmental harm. Green Diwali has been popular in recent years.

    How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali?

    Diwali, the greatest celebration in India, is quickly approaching. This event concerns lights, getting together with loved ones, exchanging treats, etc. But another vital component of this celebration that is quite bad for the environment is crackers.

    Older persons and asthmatic sufferers experience issues due to the chemicals in the crackers and their gas. Additionally, it is not kid-safe. But that does not preclude us from enjoying Diwali. We can always make Diwali decoration ideas without candles, noise, or crackers in an environmentally conscious manner.

    We’ve Gathered Five Eco-Friendly Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Diwali 2022:

    1. Newspaper Wall Hanging

    Bright wall hangings constructed of discarded materials can liven up your wall and bring color to your space. Newspapers and magazines are readily available in most homes, and with some creativity, they may be turned into stunning wall hangings.

    2. Organic Rangoli

    In the past, rangoli was a method of feeding insects and birds. In the Southern region of India, this custom is still practiced. Kolams made of rice paste or rice flour provide food for birds and ants—avoid artificial colors. Use kumkum, turmeric, coffee powder, and flowers for coloring.

    3. Diwali Light Decoration Home Ideas – Recycled Cds Lamps

    Without lights, Diwali festivities would not be complete. LED lights, oil lamps, ghee-filled days, and orange-peel lamps are all eco-friendly ways to add lighting to your home. Even the diyas, which can be used in the days before Diwali, can be reused, making them not only more environmentally friendly than other options but also more cost-effective.

    You must have discovered stacks of CDs that are no longer useful. So, use the holiday season to transform these into beautiful lamps and give them new life. You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of assembling the pieces after breaking CDs. A light bulb should be placed within the globe after adhering the CDs together.

    4. Decorations That Can Be Reused

    The paper lamps will give your house a cozy glow and are ideal for many occasions. The lanterns come in sets of five and ten. The diameter of each paper lamp is 12 inches.

    5. Reuse and Upcycle Your Home Décor

    Diwali also sets the tone for interior design. People frequently purchase and decorate it with scented candles, fairy lights, oil lamps, and other items to add a festive atmosphere to the house. However, most of these are later abandoned permanently or thrown away to make room for new products the following year. Get your old decorations, fix them, and use them again this year. Create new placemats and runners at home from leftover fabric and dupattas, and remelt all of your used candle wax to create a new candle to give it new life.


    People use a variety of Diwali decorations to decorate their homes and commercial establishments for the Diwali holiday. It is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known Indian celebrations. Many people might find it difficult to picture themselves participating in this holiday without using firecrackers. Hard, but not impossible to achieve. The concept of “green Diwali,” an eco-friendly way to celebrate the festival of light and love, is heavily trending on social media.

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