6 Inspirational MS Dhoni Quotes on the Ups and Downs of Life

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a normal boy from Jharkhand, raised his level of intelligence through hard work. This Jharkhand child has often prevented the Indian Cricket Team from losing. We gathered his motivational ideas today. Read these MS Dhoni quotes, which can motivate you.

    Personal Life of MS Dhoni

    The early twenties are when M S Dhoni and Priyanka Jha fell in love in the early twenties. Dhoni was doing everything in his power to get chosen for the Indian team at that time in the year 2002. His girlfriend passed away in an accident that same year. Lakshmi Rai was a South Indian actress that Dhoni dated. Mahendra Singh Dhoni married his DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir classmate Sakshi Singh Rawat on July 4, 2010. At their marriage, Sakshi was a trainee studying hotel management at the Taj Bengal in Kolkata.

    Other Relevant Information About MSD

    • Sachin Tendulkar recommended him to lead Team India.
    • He played his first Test against Sri Lanka a year after making his ODI debut against Bangladesh in December 2004.
    • After Kapil Dev, Dhoni is the only other Indian to hold an honorary rank.
    • On November 1, 2011, the Indian Territorial Army promoted Dhoni to Lieutenant Colonel.
    • He learned the helicopter shot from his friend Santosh Lal, a former cricketer for Jharkhand.
    • From 2001 to 2003, He worked for South Eastern Railway in Midnapore as a ticket examiner at the Kharagpur train station.
    • Only Dhoni has won all three ICC trophies in the history of cricket.

    Now let’s explore some MS Dhoni motivational quotes.

    Top 6 MS Dhoni Quotes

    These positive Dhoni motivational quotes will motivate you if you love Mahi. Check out these success MS Dhoni quotes to back yourself up.

    1. My objective is to improve over my previous state rather than to outperform others.
    2. Forget fear, do something different.
    3. You can’t drive yourself if you don’t have a dream because you won’t know what your goal is.
    4. One day reality will be better than your dreams.
    5. It is crucial to learn from mistakes and avoid doing them again.
    6. Not as a good cricket player, but as a good person, is how I want to be remembered.

    These are the most positive MS Dhoni quotes for your life. These quotes have certainly inspired so many youngsters in this country to excel in their life. You can also certainly draw your motivation from these amazing quotes.

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