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    A Case Study on Trishneet Arora


    Not every dropout is not a loser, Trishneet Arora dropped out of his school and became an expert in cyber security. He was born in the year 1993 of the 2nd of November and made a prestigious name for himself at a very young age as an expert in cyber security. He owns an IT security company named TAC security company and he is a school dropout in Chandigarh. Trishneet Arora has also written books on web defense, ethical hacking, and cyber security.

    Schooling of Trishneet Arora

    Trishneet used to go to a school which is in adjoining Chandigarh named Mohali and he failed in class 8. Then he went for distance learning education but he couldn’t make it in class 12 he failed again. Trishneet said that he never had an interest in studies and was one of those backbenchers. When he was a kid he did everything which was not supposed to be done and always kept his parents on their toes.

    The ethics of hacking

    The term hacking is considered to be a negative term generally but there’s a huge difference between the two words hacking and ethical hacking. Trishneet Arora works with ethical hacking, he will open the computer system and security walls of any company to let them know regarding the part they need to strengthen. Trishneet company allows offering those companies in getting more secure to prevent it from any data breakthrough and provide security solutions for them. TAC security solutions help to protect and make aware of any risk that might harm any company, in this 21st century where everything is about the internet it is very important to be secured from cybercrimes.

    Rise of achievements

    Trishneet was always inclined towards technologies since his childhood days. He also said that when he was eight years old he dismantled his father’s computer and couldn’t fix it back again. After that when his father took the computer to some mechanic he accompanied him and observed the work of the mechanic and it was fixed within just 15 minutes. Later he became one of the junior-most ethical hackers of the country and when he launched his own company TAC security in the year 2013 he was just 19 years old. Currently, TAC security provides counts to its client ls Gujarat Police, Punjab Police, Central Bureau of investigation, including government organization, Ralco tyres, Avon cycles, Amul, and reliance industries. Trishneet also helps the Gujarat and Punjab police in investigating the cyber crimes for which he has gone through training sessions with the officials.

    Recognitions and awards of Trishneet Arora

    • The cyber expert Trishneet Arora in the year 2013 shared the stage with Mr. Yashwant Sinha and was one of the panelists of the business relations conference which was held in Gujarat.
    • On the 65th Republic day of India Trishneet was awarded a “state award” by Prakash Singh Badal who was an ex-chief minister of Punjab.
    • In 2015 he was awarded Punjabi icon by PCHB.
    • In 2017, he was on the list of 50 most young influential Indians by GO, and the list was shared with big names such as Prabhas, Ranveer Singh, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, and Akash Ambani.
    • In 2018 he was a part of thirty-five under thirty-five entrepreneurs.
    • Currently, Trishneet was listed in Forbes thirty under thirty of 2018 Asia.

    Trishneet Arora: A self-made Entrepreneur

    Trishneet even after being a school dropout his parents encouraged and showed confidence in him and he also didn’t disappoint them either. Trishneet used to spend a lot more time learning and reading about computers, technology, and machines. Gradually he began to take on small projects of cleaning up the software and fixing computers. Trishneet’s works were always good and were appreciated by all his clients and he got his very first paycheque of an amount of Rs 60000 when he was just 19 years old. Thus after that regularly new creative ideas started striking his mind every day he badly wanted to extend his reach, work, and contribution to society. Finally, Trishneet decided to take up risk by investing all his savings to launch and start his own company that is TAC security solutions.

    Beyond the limits

    The company TAC security solutions by Trishneet do not only provide help to the private companies but also help in assisting agencies of government. Trishneet had been the IT advisor for the state of Punjab and also worked with the crime branch that is CBI. These days cyber crimes are increasing and have become difficult for security agencies so it becomes very helpful to have such talents like Trishneet Arora who has a goal of creating a cyber security company of billion dollars. The founder of the TAC security solutions company Trishneet Arora has established his offices in 4 cities of India and one in Dubai as well.


    Passion is everything that helps you move ahead of life and no result is the final result. Trishneet failed in school, went down as he was a school dropout, took a risk by investing his savings for his own startup company, and stood up by overcoming the challenges of life with the fear of consequences. Trishneet was always inclined towards technologies since his childhood days. In his journey from the beginning of becoming a cyber security expert and launching a company of his own, his parents were beside him and stood as a pillar of strength and encouraged him to fly with his wings to achieve the dream of his childhood. His parents believe in him and his abilities to make something big, they never forced him because of the societal conventions from the surroundings. His journey says that every failed individual can fetch the peak of success just with some efforts and creative ideas it needs to be explored.

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