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    Abu Dhabi Welcomes Warmly Travellers from India – Enjoy the UAE capital

    Global travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, and the United Arab Emirates is one of the popular destinations worldwide for tourists not just from India but from across the globe. The fact that Abu Dhabi opens for Indian tourists’ entry into their country has given ample opportunity to the tourists to explore the many tourist attractions there. More about the same is in the paragraphs that follow. 

    UAE travel from India

    India has always been the second-largest international tourism market for UAE. This is a fact that even the Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing, Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, has commented while speaking to According to him, the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi, is excited to welcome Indian tourists and fully vaccinated residents without any quarantine measures. 

    While talking to Financial Express Dot Com, he also said that since the hygiene and safety measures are in place, it has paved a new way for the travel industry. Also, the Indian travel report suggests that Indian tourists are optimistic and are looking forward to short trips to Abu Dhabi when travel resumes. 

    Indian tourists should not worry as Abu Dhabi has world-class Covid-19 preventive measures and procedures. This also includes GoSafe certification for the hospitality and tourism sectors. An accelerated vaccination program is also in place that has recorded almost 90% of the vaccination rate in the UAE capital. Throughout the pandemic, UAE has protected its visitors, citizens, and residents from the coronavirus disease. 

    Abu Dhabi’s verification protocol of vaccination certificates

    To encourage and enhance seamless travel, especially for travellers from India, DCT Abu Dhabi has taken the following measures-

    1. You will be able to verify your vaccination exemption document or your international vaccination certificate.
    2. With this, you will enjoy the many tourist attractions that are worth a visit to the UAE capital, including the Abu Dhabi Green Pass. 
    3. You can verify your home country’s vaccination certificate/vaccination exemption document through the Federal Authorities for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) Smart app. 
    4. Alternatively, you can also do it through the official government website for prior verification, and this must be up to 48 hours from the date of your travel. 
    5. You will receive a confirmation through SMS.
    6. You will be provided with a link to the ALHOSN app, and you must download this app before travelling. The ALHOSN app will display the users’ vaccination status and result from the PCR test so that you can activate the Abu Dhabi Green Pass. 
    7. When you arrive in Abu Dhabi, you will receive a Unified ID number from immigration at the airport through the ICA Smart app or website. With this ID number, you can complete the ALHOSN app registration process. 
    8. Taking a PCR test at the airport and getting the result will help activate the visitors’ Green Pass. And you will be able to enter/visit all the public places in emirates. 

    So, with so much beckoning and streamlined procedures for travel, it is time to pack your bags and jet off.

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