Actor Chandan Sen Wins the Best Actor Award at a Russian Film Festival for His Role in Manikbabur Megh

    At the Russian Film Festival, actor Chandan Sen got the best actor award. He has demonstrated his acting prowess on stage, in movies, and on television. He was recently recognised on a global scale.

    What is Russian Film Festival?

    The International Russian Film Festival showcases and interprets events, phenomena, traditions, characteristics of the Russian soul, and works of documentary and film in Russian on a global scale.

    The journey of Manikbabur Megh – The Cloud & the Man by Abhinandan Banerjee continues. Chandan Sen, the film’s principal actor, takes home the Best Actor award at the IFF Pacific Meridian in Vladivostok, Russia, after receiving accolades at various international film festivals. The team and the creators turned to social media to spread the word.

    Manikbabur Megh- Love Between a Lonely Man and a Cloud

    Abhinandan Banerjee’s film The Cloud and the Man (Manikbabur Megh) was released in 2021. Megh’s relationship with a specific person served as the central theme of this movie’s plot, which the audience appreciated.

    The film Manikbabur Megh, produced by Bauddhayan Mukherji and Monalisa Mukherji, has been chosen as an official selection to screen at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022. The debut picture of this 30-year-old director, based in Kolkata, has already played at several film festivals since last year and won awards, including the Best Asian Film NETPAC Award at the 27th Kolkata International Film Festival in 2021. The tale appeals to a specialised audience and is highly unusual. This kind of movie must live with massive box office hits. The film industry becomes an industry at that point.

    More about Actor Chandan Sen

    Chandan Sen has been involved in the acting industry since a young age. There are several films and television series in which he has appeared. In Vladivostok, during the 19th IFF Pacific Meridian, Chandan Sen is named Best Actor. Kudos to the entire Manikbabur Megh, the Cloud & the Man, team for this incredible accomplishment. Chandan might be one of Bengal’s most underappreciated actors. Since then, there has been a tremendous desire to collaborate with him and make an irresistible offer.

    Finally, I must say what a fantastic job he did. Chandan is deserving of this honour. A hearty thanks to everyone who supported Chandan’s journey to becoming Manikbabu.

    Additionally, Chandan Sen appeared in the recently finished Star Jalsa series “Kharkuto.” Did you know that he obtained his follicular lymphoma diagnosis in 2010? He dealt with this fatal illness.

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