All You Wanted to Know about Ubuntu

    What is Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system for your PC. And it is based on Debian and was first released in 2004. Each release of Ubuntu is given a code name, using an adjective and an animal with the same first letter, such as “Bionic Beaver” for Ubuntu 18.04.

    Ubuntu comprises many software packages, most of which are released under a free software license. This allows you to use, study, share (copy), and modify the software. In addition, Ubuntu promotes free software development and contributes to the upstream projects it uses. The Ubuntu community is built on the idea that everyone can help out.

    What is Ubuntu Used For?

    With so many different Linux distributions available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. One of the most popular and well-known distributions is Ubuntu. But what is Ubuntu used for?

    Ubuntu is a versatile operating system that can be used for various tasks. Whether you need it for work, school, or just for fun, Ubuntu can help you get the job done.

    Some of the most popular uses for Ubuntu include:

    • Web Development

    Ubuntu is an excellent choice for web development, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Various tools and applications are available to help you create and manage your website.

    • Gaming

    Ubuntu is an excellent choice for gamers. There are various games available for Ubuntu, including some of the most popular ones like Steam and Minecraft.

    • Productivity

    Ubuntu is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their productivity. Various applications are available to help you stay organized and get work done.

    • Education

    Ubuntu is an excellent choice for students and educators. Various applications and tools are available to help you with your studies and research.

    • Home Use

    Ubuntu is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile and easy-to-use operating system for their home computer. Various applications are available for multiple tasks, from watching movies to browsing the web.

    How to Download Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu Download procedure may seem a bit complicated, but if you follow these steps, it will be much easier and more convenient.

    Step 1: Visit the Ubuntu download page, then download and install the Ubuntu version most suitable for you. [Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, and Ubuntu Derivatives]

    Step2: Build a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu for which you need 4GB or a more capacity USB drive.

    Step 3: Boot up the operating system from USB and run it.

    Step 4: Then install the 20.04 LTS Desktop version of Ubuntu

    You can visit their official page to gain a more in-depth understanding of downloading and installing Ubuntu.

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