MTN Night Plan: A Comprehensive Guide for You

    In this digital era, staying connected is the most important thing. It is not a luxury anymore but rather a necessity. However, getting data can quickly drain your wallet. This is why it is ideal for you to opt for an MTN night plan.

    MTN, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa, has recognized this need and created a good solution to help you stay online even during the wee hours without spending a fortune. If you are in search of an affordable, useful, and cost-effective data pack, then you need to get an MTN night plan. 

    What is the MTN Night Plan?

    MTN night plan is a cost-effective and affordable data pack that lets you enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity. This data plan has been specifically designed for those who need data during off-peak hours. Under this plan, you get a substantial amount of data at reduced prices. It thus enables you to download, surf the internet, and stream from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

    MTN night plan code is the most suitable data pack for those who are looking forward to saving some money on data pack costs while enjoying a high-speed internet connection. This night plan is available to all segments of the customer base. The whole point of introducing this plan was to meet the increasing demand for data use at night. You must use code for MTN night plan.

    How to Purchase MTN Night Plan?

    To avail of the MTN night plan, you must have a mobile device and an MTN SIM card. The subscription process is simple. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step methods described below. 

    Step 1: Be Prepared with MTN Pulse

    First, insert an active MTN SIM card into your mobile. Now, switch on the phone. Once it is switched on, proceed to dial *406# to migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff effectively. You must do this step because this Night Plan is only available to MTN Pulse users. If you are not an MTN Pulse user, then you cannot avail yourself of this offer. 

    Step 2: Activate MTN Night Plan

    If you have an MTN SIM on the Pulse plan, you must now dial *406# again. Then, you are supposed to browse through the menu to choose the Night Plan option. There will be on-screen prompts that you are supposed to follow. Upon following the step-by-step prompts, you can activate this plan according to your needs and preferences. 

    Pro Tips:

    • Check Balance First: Before activating the MTN Night Plan, it would be better to check your balance first. This will ensure that you have sufficient balance to purchase the plan. You can just dial *556# to check your balance. 
    • Select the Correct Time: You must schedule your internet activities during the night by the night plan’s hours. This is how you can make the best use of this night plan.

    How to Check Data Balance?

    Once you purchase the MTN Night Plan, you should check your data balance every now and then to determine your remaining data. Based on your remaining data, you can control your internet activities. There are two ways to check your data balance.

    Via USSD Code

    The first method to check your data balance is using the USSD code. You just have to dial 4063# on the MTN line from your phone. This will instantly show the remaining data balance on the screen of your device. Checking your balance is free. 

    Via MyMTN App

    You can also check your data balance via the MyMTN app. It requires downloading and installing the MyMTN app from the App Store or Google Play. After installing the app, you must register or log in with the MTN number. You must navigate to the ‘Data Balance’ or ‘Check Balance’ segment to check your details. 

    Following these processes, you can easily stay aware of the current data balance. This is how you can manage your MTN Night Plan effectively. Whether you are a new or an old user, following these methods to know your data balance will be helpful. 

    Bank Support and Payment Methods for Night Plan for MTN in Nigeria

    The availability of bank support and payment options is essential in getting the MTN Night Plan. It makes the whole subscription plan easy and smooth. However, MTN offers various payment options based on the diverse needs of users in Nigeria.

    In Nigeria, digital payment platforms like Opay, along with banks like Access Bank and Union Bank, are some of the options that you can choose from. It enables users to choose their preferred digital wallet or banking option, offering an easy and convenient way to access a high-speed and affordable internet connection at night. 

    Set a Data Limit

    After purchasing the MTN Night Plan, you must set a data limit to avoid unintended usage. Setting data limits on Android and iOS can be done in the following ways:


    Navigate to Settings>Network & Internet>Data usage>Billing>Data Warning. Under the data warning, you can set your data limit according to your preference. 


    Navigate to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Usage. There, you will see the option ‘Set Data Limit.’ However, be aware that iOS might have different settings.

    The Benefits of Using the MTN Night Plan

    You are supposed to opt for the MTN night plan for various benefits, some of which are described below:


    This night plan for MTN offers significant data savings compared to regular data plans. It enables you to have a large amount of data at a reduced price. Hence, this cost-effective plan is perfect for those with a tight budget. 

    Uninterrupted Browsing

    If you are looking forward to enjoying uninterrupted browsing, then you must have this night plan. There is lower network congestion at night, which enables you to have faster and smoother browsing and downloading speeds. You can thus stream videos and download larger files without buffering. It offers you an enhanced and seamless online experience. 

    Extended Data Usage

    MTN’s night plan efficiently extends your overall data usage. It enables you to download software updates, music, or movies without worrying about exceeding the data limit, allowing you to spend your valuable time on important daytime tasks. 

    Essential Considerations for This Night Plan Users

    Before opting for this night plan, there are some important considerations to think of. A few of these considerations are:


    You must consider the validity of a night plan before opting for it. These plans normally have validity ranging from one night to one month. Check the validity before choosing a specific plan. 

    No Data Rollover

    It is essential to know that there is no data rollover. The remaining data from the previous night only gets carried forward to the next day or night. Hence, you must utilize the data for a specific night only. 

    Data Usage Limits

    You must know some specific night plans with daily usage limits. Being mindful of these data usage limits is essential. 

    Night Time Window

    It is important to know about the activation window, which typically falls in the late evening or early morning hours. To make the most of this package, it is better to avail of the plan during this window period. 

    Tips to Maximize Your Night Plan

    If you wish to make the most of your night plan, then you are supposed to follow the below-given tips:

    Plan Your Downloads

    You must schedule your software updates or other downloads beforehand to make the most of the night plan.

    Batch Your Streaming

    It is also a good idea to download music, TV shows, or movies at night and watch them offline later. 

    Close Background Apps

    You must close all the background apps to save unnecessary data wasted on those apps.


    MTN night plan comes with several perks and benefits. If you are on a tight budget and want to enjoy fast internet at night, avail yourself of this plan. It saves you money and lets you enjoy high-speed internet effectively. You can choose from different kinds of night plans according to your needs and preferences. MTN’s commitment to digital inclusivity benefits the users of this night plan.


    What is the Code for the MTN Night Plan?

    The MTN night sub code is *406#. Once you dial this code, you will find different night plan options. You can choose your preferred plan from the given data packs or plans. 

    How Long Does the Night Plan Last?

    Once you opt for the MTN code for data, the night plan is likely to vary according to the particular plan you choose. Some plans last one night, while others have a validity of a week or more.

    Can You Use MTN Night Plan During the Day?

    No, you cannot use an MTN night plan during the day. The night plan is valid only for a few hours at night, typically from 11 PM to 6 AM. 

    How to Do Night Plan on MTN?

    There are two ways to get this plan. The first is to use the MTN night plan code. You just need to dial *406# on your phone and follow the subsequent steps to activate the pack. The second method is to use SMS. You can use the MTN pulse code in this regard.

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