An In-Depth Look At India’s Iconic Brand: Parle-G

    Many of us immediately think of our favorite childhood moments when we hear the term Parle-G, right? Our childhood included having these biscuits with our morning and evening tea.

    But are you aware of the origins of this venerable company and how it managed to win the hearts and homes of virtually every Indian? Let’s tell you the Parle-G story in its entirety!

    Parle-G – Founder and History

    The Chauhan family is the proprietor of the Parle-G brand of biscuits. The company’s Parle Products division produces Parle-G. Vijay Chauhan, Sharad, and Raj Chauhan were the business owners. The headquarters was situated in Mumbai’s western region.

    He had taken a ship to Germany a few years before to acquire the craft of confectionery-making, and he had returned with the necessary knowledge and equipment.

    However, despite the redesigned packaging, Parle Gluco was still unable to stand out from similar glucose biscuit brands on the market.

    As a result, Parle Gluco was repackaged as Parle-G in 1982, with the “G” obviously standing for glucose. Small biscuit manufacturers were prevented from duplicating the product by switching the packaging material to inexpensive printed plastic. And since then, Parle products have not turned back!

    Parle-G – Logo and Meaning

    One of the most recognizable logos in India is the one for Parle-G. The young girl child in the logo is between 4 and 5. The emblem is essential because it demonstrates that people of all ages can consume the biscuit and that its glucose content is suitable for even young children.

    Since the logo is essential to demonstrating the uniqueness and stability of the product, Parle-G has never changed it. The use of the same logo across all of the packaging can aid in brand recognition and memory.

    Sales Amount of Parle G Company

    The company now boasts extraordinary monthly sales of over a billion packets. This amounts to 14,600 crore biscuits annually, or around 100 million Parle-G packets per month, or 121 biscuits per person for the 1.21 billion Indians.

    Several of Parle-flawlessly G’s performed marketing initiatives and the biscuits’ consistent quality are among the main factors contributing to the brand’s longevity and success.

    Parle-G – Achievements

    The most popular biscuit brand in India is Parle-G. It is the most popular biscuit due to its accessibility. It became the first locally produced biscuit brand to surpass the 5000-crore threshold. Additionally, Parle-G has risen to become India’s top FMCG brand. One of the reliable brands is this one. It has received recognition for its dependable and constant quality. The Parle-Glucose biscuits won the international competition in Geneva in 1976.

    It is a very well-known brand in the United States, sections of Africa, and Europe, thanks to its recognition in foreign markets. Parle-G, which began as a modest confectionery, is today India’s top biscuit manufacturer. And this is what distinguishes it.

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