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    The digital revolution has significantly transformed the way we manage and access information. One such area that has seen a profound impact is land record management. In the Indian state of Gujarat, the Revenue Department has digitized the process of accessing land records through a revolutionary online portal known as anyror (Any Records of Rights Anywhere).

    As of 2023, anyror gujarat has become a key tool for landowners, potential buyers, and real estate professionals in the state, offering comprehensive, real-time information about land records. This article explores the functionalities and benefits of the anyror Gujarat portal.

    What is anyror gujarat?

    anyror is an online platform developed by the Revenue Department of Gujarat in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC). The portal’s primary objective is to provide a centralized and hassle-free system for accessing land records across Gujarat.

    The term “RoR” stands for “Record of Rights,” which pertains to the document showcasing the property or land’s ownership status, area, and type. “AnyRoR,” therefore, implies the ability to access these records from anywhere, at any time.

    How to Use anyror gujarat?

    anyror Gujarat is an online portal designed for easy and convenient access to land records. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use the portal:

    1. Visit the Official Website: Open a web browser and type in the official anyror gujarat website URL.

    2. Choose Land Record Option: On the homepage, you’ll find several options. For land records, you can choose between “View Land Record – Rural” or “View Land Record – Urban,” based on your requirement.

    3. Select the Necessary Details: A new page will open where you need to fill in specific details. These details include:

    • District: Select the district where the land is located.
    • Taluka: Choose the specific taluka within the selected district.
    • Village/City: Select the specific village or city in the chosen taluka.
    • Search Criteria: Choose either “Survey No.” or “Entry No.” or “Account No.” or “Holders Name” based on the information you have.
    • Enter the details as per the selected search criteria.

    4. Retrieve Land Records: After filling in the necessary details, click on the “Get Details” button. The land record information will then appear on the screen.

    5. Download/Print the Land Record: You can now download the land record details or print them directly from the website for your records.

    Remember that the details provided on the anyror Gujarat portal are for informational purposes only. For certified copies of land records or any official purposes, you must contact the respective department or visit the local revenue office.

    Also, ensure that you’re using the official anyror gujarat website to avoid any misinformation or potential cyber threats.

    Features of anyror Gujarat

    The anyror gujarat platform offers a myriad of features that aim to streamline the process of accessing and managing land records in the state. Here are the key features of anyror gujarat:

    Land Records Access:

    anyror gujarat provides comprehensive details of land records, including ownership, area, type of land, and market value. It also lists any loans or legal disputes associated with the property.

    Property Transactions:

    The platform allows users to view all past transactions related to a property. This feature is crucial for potential buyers to understand the property’s history and validate its legality.

    Village Property Register:

    anyror Gujarat offers the ability to view the complete property register for a specific village. This register lists all properties in the village, along with their ownership details.

    Mutation Status:

    The platform allows users to check the status of mutation requests. Mutation refers to the change of title ownership from one person to another when a property is sold or transferred.

    Land Map:

    Some versions of the platform may offer land maps, giving a visual representation of land parcels and their boundaries.

    RoR Printing:

    can print Records of Rights (RoR) directly from the platform for their personal use or legal purposes.

    Old Scanned VF7/12 Details:

    For historical research or resolving disputes, users can access older, scanned land records.

    Checking Payment Status:

    anyror Gujarat also allows users to check the status of their payments related to the land or property.

    Integrated Land Information:

    The system integrates data from various sources, including the land registration department, survey numbers, and land measurement details, providing comprehensive information about each land parcel.

    These features make anyror Gujarat a comprehensive, one-stop solution for accessing and managing land records in Gujarat. It simplifies and accelerates processes that were once time-consuming and complex, contributing significantly to the digitization of public administration in the state.

    Advantages of anyror Gujarat

    The anyror (Any Records of Rights Anywhere) Gujarat platform has brought about significant advantages in managing and accessing land record in Gujarat, India. Here are the key benefits of this system:


    With all land records digitized and made publicly available, the system fosters transparency in land ownership and transactions. It can help avoid fraudulent land deals and disputes related to ownership and boundaries.


    As the name suggests, anyror can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Users no longer need to visit government offices or other physical locations to access land records. This ease of access is particularly beneficial for non-resident landowners or potential buyers from other regions.


    With digital records, the time spent on accessing and verifying land records is significantly reduced. There’s no need to wait in long queues or go through lengthy bureaucratic procedures. The information can be obtained with just a few clicks, making the process much more efficient.


    The platform reduces human error in record-keeping and management. Since records are updated in real-time, the information is more accurate and reliable.


    Digital record keeping reduces the costs associated with paper-based systems, including printing, storage, and maintenance costs. It’s also easier and more cost-effective to update and disseminate digital records.

    Legal Validation:

    The portal provides a legal document that can be used as proof of ownership. This document can be crucial in various legal contexts, such as resolving disputes or obtaining loans.

    Tracking Property Transactions:

    The system allows users to track past transactions related to a specific property. This feature is crucial for potential buyers who need to validate the property’s legality and understand its history.


    The shift from paper to digital records also has environmental benefits, reducing the need for paper and the associated environmental impact.

    anyror gujarat is a revolutionary initiative that has improved the efficiency, transparency, and reliability of land record management in Gujarat. It represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation of public administration.


    anyror gujarat has dramatically improved the efficiency and transparency of land record management in Gujarat. It epitomizes the power of digital transformation in administrative processes, offering ease of access and fostering trust among landowners, buyers, and real estate professionals. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect more such innovative solutions that make bureaucratic procedures more efficient and user-friendly.

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