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    Apollo Micro Systems Share Price: Should You Buy It?

    Apollo Micro Systems is an important player in India’s defence and aerospace sector. Due to its recent share price surge, it has become a topic for traders and investors. Several factors have impacted Apollo Micro Systems Share Price. Apart from the recent surge, this stock has also experienced a meteoric rise in recent months, getting the attention of the market watchers. 

    Apollo Micro Systems Share Price: What Happened?

    Apollo Micro Systems Share Price experienced tremendous selling pressure due to the unexpected result of the Lok Sabha election. Investors perceived the election result as disappointing due to its potential influence on the defence sector. This also caused fundamentally good stocks to tumble.

    But the next day, Apollo Micro Systems share price rebounded along with most of the other stocks in the market. Apollo Micro Systems’ Share also saw a rise yesterday, June 6th. It touched the intraday high of ₹107.10 on NSE. The previous day, the intraday price was ₹102, which means it saw a 5% rise on June 6th. 

    The Factors Contributing to Its Price Rise

    Several important factors have contributed to the price rise of Apollo Micro Systems.

    Strong Financials

    Apollo Micro Systems reported excellent Q4 results in 2024. This stock is all set to go up after the market stabilizes. It has a ‘strong buy’ indication for traders and investors with a target price of ₹129 in the long term. Thus, this stock is expected to give a good return in the future.

    Solid financial growth and a significant revenue increase have caught the attention of market watchers. This has shown a high demand for their products and services, which is why investors have shown a keen interest in Apollo Micro Systems Share Price.

    SBI Deal

    Apollo Micro Systems successfully completed a recent loan term agreement with the SBI (State Bank of India) worth ₹252.50 crore. This has boosted the confidence of traders and investors about this stock and indicates its potential for future endeavours.

    This loan will provide Apollo Micro Systems with sufficient capital to manufacture its products and conduct its business. It will ensure its upcoming growth and development in the best possible way.

    Growing Defence Sector

    Defence is an ever-growing sector in India. With the Indian government heavily investing in the sector to bolster the country’s defence, this sector has tremendous growth potential in the coming years. This will directly benefit Apollo Micro Systems in the long run.

    This has been one of the best reasons behind the recent Apollo Micro Systems Share Price price surge. All the other defence stocks are also doing well at present. The positive surge in developments has led to the rise of this stock. As a result, institutional investors and promoters have increased their holdings in this company. 

    Industry Trends

    Positive industry trends are another reason behind this stock’s price rise. Factors like developments in the aerospace and defence sector, government initiatives, and new technology have effectively propelled this share price. 

    Therefore, as an investor, it is important for you to keep an eye on the industry trends. When the industry trends are positive, then you can proceed to invest on the stocks of that industry. 

    The Price History of Apollo Micro Systems 

    Apollo Micro Systems Share Price has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent years. The company has maintained strong fundamentals, which have impacted its price positively. But despite the price surge, this stock might have some concerning factors, as the defence sector is susceptible to different external factors.

    The Early Days and Growth

    In the early days, Apollo Micro Systems Share Price experienced a steady rise. This was due to Apollo Micro Systems’ growing presence in the defence field. The trading volume was also high during this time.

    Market Fluctuations

    Then, this stock saw market fluctuations due to various factors, like government policies negatively affecting defence stocks and broader market sentiments. On the other hand, aspects like changes in defence budgets or periods of economic slowdown triggered the price dips of this stock.

    Recent Rebound

    After the post-election price dips, Apollo Micro Systems share price recovered well. This indicates that investors have confidence in this company’s long-term growth prospects. 

    Current Scenario of Apollo Micro Systems Share Price

    As of 7 June 2024, Apollo Micro share price stands at ₹106.50. This was a 4.41% increase from the previous day’s opening price. This price is going up as all the parameters are positive. With a strong future in the defence sector, this stock is bound to do well in the future. 

    Leading Growth Drivers for Apollo Micro Share

    Apollo Micro Systems has a promising future for various reasons. These positive aspects are this company’s leading growth drivers and share price. 

    Focus on Modernisation

    The Indian Government has made efforts to modernise its defence forces. This has benefitted Apollo Micro Systems, giving them opportunities and helping them become leaders in advanced defence technologies. 

    Increasing Exports

    This company has placed emphasis on exporting its products and services to other countries. This has helped it diversify its revenue stream effectively and boosted its share price. 

    Product Diversification

    Apollo Micro Systems has been developing new and advanced defence solutions for several years. This has strengthened its market position and attracted further investor interest. 


    Apollo Micro Systems is planning to add two new facilities, 3,50,000 sqft and 40,000 sqft. It is also participating in all MoD indigenous initiatives, which has contributed to its share price surge in recent times. 

    What Should Be Your Target Price?

    At current levels, Apollo Micro Systems’ ideal share price target should be set at ₹ 129, with an upside rise of 20%. However, different financial experts have varied opinions on this share price target. Below is a more general overview. 

    Bullish Outlook

    One segment of analysts and experts is optimistic about Apollo Micro Systems’ share price target. They predict a significant rise in its share price in the coming time due to its various growth drivers. 

    Conservative Approach

    On the other hand, another segment of experts and analysts advises investors to take a calculated and cautious stance. They are more interested in the impacts of potential geopolitical uncertainties and market fluctuations. 

    Apollo Micro Systems Share Price Target 2025

    The share price target of this stock should be around 82% higher from the current price levels in 2025. Different experts have different opinions on this matter. 

    Things to Consider Before Investing on Apollomicro Share

    All the positive aspects and parameters indicate substantial investment in this leading defence stock. But like all other stocks, Apollo Micro is also subjected to some inherent risks. This is why you must consider some essential factors before investing your hard-earned money. 

    Market Volatility

    The stock market is susceptible to volatility, and the defence sector is likely to be affected by market fluctuations occasionally. Hence, consider market volatility and stay prepared if you wish to invest in Apollo Micro’s stock. 

    Long-Term Perspective

    There are better investment options than Apollo Micro System for short-term gain. But if you wish to invest for the long term, this stock is an excellent option for you to consider. Therefore, you should consider only the long-term prospects before investing in this stock. 


    If you wish to invest in the stock market, it would be a good idea to diversify your portfolio into different sectors. This will help you mitigate your risks, and it is a far better option than investing all your money in a single stock. 

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    Apollo Market Systems’ Share Price has surged recently for various reasons, such as solid financials, the SBI deal, and the growing defence sector. This stock is a good option for long-term growth and prospects. Hence, if you wish to invest in this stock for the long term, then go for it. However, doing detailed research is essential. You must study this stock’s performance, balance sheet, and other aspects over the years. 


    • Would Investing in Apollo Micro Systems Be a Good Option?

    With the recent surge in the Apollo Micro System share price, investors are positive about the future growth of this stock. But it all depends on your personal risk tolerance and investment goals. This stock’s performance is good, but its high P/E ratio suggests a high valuation. You should do detailed research before investing in it. 

    • What are Some Potential Risk Factors Regarding Apollomicro Share Price?

    Market volatility is the first and foremost risk factor that might affect this stock price. Other risk factors include new competition entering the market, reduced defence spending or priorities, or delays in government defence contracts. 

    • Does Apollo Micro Pay Dividends to Its Shareholders?

    Yes, they give dividends to their shareholders. Last time, they provided good dividends to their shareholders. To know whether it is an excellent dividend-paying stock, you must look at the dividends offered over the years. 

    • What has caused the recent rise in stock prices at Apollo Micro Systems?

    A few factors have caused the recent price surge, such as the recent SBI deal, strong financials, and growing defence sector. On the other hand, the overall market condition and trending are another reason behind this. 

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