Apple HomePod Launched in India, to Compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home

    Apple announced the launch of the Apple HomePod, and it has been competing with Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Apple HomePod price tag for the smart speaker is INR19, 900, available on the Indian website of Apple. Let us get into the details of these smart speakers from the tech giant.

    Apple Smart Speaker -The HomePod

    The HomePod was first introduced in June 2017 to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers. The company launched these speakers in the United States, UK, and Australia in February 2018. Later on, Apple announced that it would be available across the globe, including Germany, France, and Canada. Initially, the cost of the HomePod in the United States was $349, equivalent to INR24, 900.

    Apple HomePod Features

    The HomePod is a cylindrical shape smart speaker with a height of 6.8-inches tall and a width of 5.6 inches. Powered by the A8 chip, it has Siri integrated into the device. Apple’s proprietary audio technology is used with high-excursion woofers and an engineered amplifier capable of being customized.

    A touch panel is present on the top of the HomePod and supports the gesture controls. These smart speakers in India come with a mesh fabric design and are available so you can choose from among two colors, namely, White and Space Grey.

    You will be able to use the device for a multi-room audio experience by using the AirPlay 2 support. The company claims that the Apple HomePod is capable enough to adjust the sound depending on the location, and it is also able to analyse acoustics and spatial awareness.

    Apple says that the entire space is filled with balanced audio using the direct beam sound. You will be able to connect the HomePod with an iPad or an iPhone so that you can play the music wirelessly to either attend calls or play any music of your choice.

    The Apple smart speaker has been designed so that you can pair it with radio stations, iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Podcasts, TuneIn, and, to name a few. Placing multiple Home Pods in sync can offer an excellent experience across all the rooms. There are several sound effects that you can create simply by placing the smart speaker in different locations and pairing it with the appropriate source.

    The HomePod mini offers a great sound and music listening experience and works as an intelligent assistant with built-in security and privacy features. It is available in a compact design and comes with other smart home capabilities.

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