Apps for Making Money: Earn Money Easily Without Investment

    If you are looking forward to earning money through mobile apps, then there are several apps for you to consider. The trend of using mobile apps for making money has become quite popular in recent times. Each money-earning app works and functions differently, which you need to understand first. Here are some of the best apps for making money that you must consider. Consider these six apps for making money. Considering these apps to make money will surely be useful for you.


    Ibotta lets you earn cashback on your online and in-store purchases at 2000+ supported retailers. It is among the best apps for making money. It originally started providing its service on groceries and then expanded to pet supplies, entertainment, clothing, and other categories. The offer could either be retailer or product-specific. In some cases, you may have to watch a video or take a poll to make money online through this app. 

    There are three ways to earn cashback on this app. For online purchases, you just need to make the purchase using Ibotta app or Ibotta browser extension, and you will get the cashback. Add offers for in-store offline purchases and submit your receipt in the Ibotta app (within seven days of shopping) to get the cashback. The third way is to link your retailer loyalty account through the Ibotta app or buy a retailer gift car on the app. The cashback is credited either to your bank account or PayPal account. This is one of the best apps for making money.


    • Offers welcome bonus to new users.
    • Provides referral bonus to existing users.
    • Different payment methods.
    • You get the cashback quickly.
    • Considered one of the best money making apps.


    • You cannot redeem the cashback until it reaches $20.
    • Charges an account maintenance charge fee for deactivated or inactive account.
    • For online purchases, the waiting period for earning the cash back varies by retailers.


    You can earn money from Rakuten through its cashback, which is given on purchases from popular food delivery services, restaurants, and retailers. This is among apps for making money. You can also gain cash back on gift cards, travel, and more. All you need to do is create an account, visit the store where you wish to purchase, and transact through Rakuten’s portal. Then, you will get a cashback amount, which will eventually be credited to your account.

    Rakuten will credit the cashback amount to your bank or PayPal account as long as you make the transaction through their app. Rakuten is one of the most useful apps for making money. The process is quite simple and easy—it does not take more than a few minutes. It is certainly among the ultimate money making apps.


    • New users earn a welcome bonus.
    • Thousands of stores are associated with Rakuten. So you will likely find your store where you mostly shop.
    • Offers sign-up and referral bonus.


    • You may have to wait longer to get the cashback credited to your account.
    • Required minimum cash-back amount to get paid.
    • Without any purchase, you cannot have cashback.


    Fiverr is one of the best apps for making money. This is a freelancing marketplace with 200+ categories. You must create an account first and set your account as a ‘seller’ to highlight your skills and expertise. You should also mention your service type and pricing. The pricing can range from $5 to $1000 and more. 

    If a ‘buyer’ sees your profile, he/she might be interested in your service. Upon contacting you, you must be the ‘buyer.’ Once you finish the task, you will be paid the total amount. Your client mostly pays you through PayPal or a bank account. There will be a payment processing fee. Fiver is rightly among the apps for making money.


    • The flexibility of working during your free time and earning accordingly.
    • A wide range of gigs are available.
    • Offers authentic payment methods.
    • Availability of so many buyers.


    • Charges 20% of your earning.
    • The 14-day waiting period to withdraw your earned money.
    • Higher competition among the sellers. Money making could be a little tricky.


    Poshmark is also among the best apps for making money. It lets you sell shoes, clothes, and other accessories. You can also sell other items like beauty supplies, pet products, home décor, and electronics. You must sign up and upload pictures of the items you wish to sell. Adding a brief description and setting its price is an essential aspect. 

    Upon checking the details, if a buyer is interested, they will contact you and place the order. You can either accept or reject the offer. Once the deal is done and payment is made, Poshmark emails you a pre-paid shipping label. The amount is directly credited to your account, or you can get it via check. It is one of the most beneficial apps for making money.


    • Fast payment (typically within three days.
    • Buys bear the shipping cost.
    • Covers items that are damaged or lost during shipment.
    • Good user experience.
    • It is one of the top apps.


    • Charges seller fee.
    • Customers have mixed experience.


    If you wish to do quizzing and earn money, then TaskBucks is the app you should opt for. This is among the perfect apps for making money. Play quizzes and earn coins on this app. Later, you can convert the coins into cash and credit them to your account. 

    On the other hand, you can also earn free recharge by participating in content, fulfilling simple tasks, and referring to these apps for making money for others as another way to earn money. On average, you can earn as much as 10,000 coins per day. 


    • So many ways to earn money.
    • Various payment methods.
    • Satisfied users. 


    • Sometimes, it may take time to get paid.
    • Few app issues arise every once in a while.


    If you are looking for freelancing apps for making money, then you can use Upwork. This is the perfect platform for freelancers with skills in writing, marketing, design, graphic design, and other areas. You just need to create a profile and provide all the essential information, such as the services you provide, rates of your services, etc. Providing your qualifications and experience is also vital. 

    Different clients are asking for a specific set of services. You can connect with the client if the service requirement falls under your expertise or skill set. You have the option to submit your proposals to the client. Then, the client is supposed to review them and either accept or reject the proposal. Upon receiving the proposal, you will be rewarded for your work. Upon completing the job, you will get paid in full. The payment is made on an hourly basis or a project basis. It is among the apps for making money.


    • It provides several payment methods, from PayPal to various Instant Pay options.
    • You get the flexibility to set your rate and price.
    • Availability of so many clients on a single platform.
    • Genuine accounts and profiles.
    • It is regarded as among the best apps for making money.


    • Require you to pay charges for some payment methods.
    • High competition among the sellers or service providers.
    • Competitive pricing. 
    • Charges 10% of your payments.

    For downloading the apps visit here.


    All these apps for making money are great for you. You just need to find the app that best suits your preference and skill set to earn money. As you can see, these apps for making money have pros and cons. You can certainly decide which app will be the best option for you. Doing detailed research on each of these apps for making money will benefit you. Checking the reviews and feedback given by the users is also essential. It all comes down to your preference of which apps you wish to use to earn money.

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