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    Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the upcoming technologies that’s thinking is like us, even it acts like us. In simple words A. I am a combination of computer science technology and a robust dataset. It also includes different types of learning like machine learning, Reinforcement learning, deep learning, unsupervised learning. Basically, AI works on the principle of creating a system upon giving certain input, it makes predictions. There are different types of AI like narrow AI, weak AI and we are surrounded by weak AI because the strong AI is totally theoretical, with no practical examples. AI can be described as the machine which mimics factual or imperative functions.

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    Role of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

    AI has been playing an important role in our day-to-day lives. We can see that AI has shown its presence in almost every sector be it the banking sector. industrial sector or agricultural sector. It has shown its excellence in almost every field. Nowadays, due to the pandemic, we started preferring online stores more than offline stores and it was quite difficult for us to choose the exact product but AI helps us to choose that along with related products in the site, it also helps us in various movie and gaming sites. 

    Coming to financial or banking sectors, AI helps us to determine the condition of the future share market, with the help of recorded data or information. Even the chat-box applications are provided with the help of AI.

    Even in the health sector, AI has proved its excellence time and time again with different types of technologies like radiology, imaging, and so on.

    AI has been also used in various home appliances or electrical appliances like switching of television, A.C, even Alexa, Amazon echo dots, etc.

    Future of Artificial Intelligence

    Technology is spreading rapidly day by day, every day we see something new is coming and making our life easier. AI is an emerging technology and it’s our future. Even AI can perform such tasks which humans even do. Starting from the use of robots in films, web series, documentaries to Alpha zero programs but as we know each coin has 2 sides this AI has also certain consequences, which is both positive and negative.

    Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

    Basically, we are always in search of ease, comfort, and AI is catering to our needs but AI is also responsible for the unemployment of people. Nowadays most of the tasks are done by machines only, which were earlier done by humans. To, understand AI ethics there are certain factors associated with this like loss of unemployment,  inequality in wealth, then the privacy of an individual. From this, we can understand that AI ethics is our morals that control our actions in a certain matter.


    With the good and bad effects of AI, we should not let AI affect our morals and always progress in the forward direction.

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