Asus 8z – The Mini iPhone 13 on the Android OS

    Asus 8z, which for India is being called Asus Zenfone 8, is referred to as the “mini iPhone 13” among Android smartphones. In this brief write-up, let us delve deeper into this smartphone’s features and specifications that have come to India after a long wait.

    Asus Zenfone 8 -What we know till now

    A couple of years ago, Apple introduced the iPhone mini rage, which brought back the smaller smartphones in circulation. And Asus is following the same bullish approach, the so-called small form aspect in the Android world. The company has given the Asus 8z a fresh look, and you can carry the smartphone in your pocket. This phone is India’s highest flagship smartphone available in the country. The size of the Asus 8z is smaller than the iPhone 13.

    1. Frontal and rear panel- The frontal panel of the phone is protected with Gorilla Corning Victus, and the rear uses Gorilla Glass 3 and has a frosted finish; you can also call it a matte look. The phone has a premium look due to the aluminum
    2. Dust protection and weight-The Asus 8z India make has a rating of IP68 for dust protection. The weight of the phone is 169grams.
    3. Fingerprint scanner- It has a built-in display scanner for fingerprints that is responsive and
    4. Display and audio Display comprises 5.9 inch Samsung AMOLED display rated at 2400x 1080 pixels resolution. This works out to be about 445 PPI. This prevents the Asus battery from getting depleted faster. Do not forget to enjoy the sound on the phone, which is of superior quality. The 8z has two speakers that will allow you to enjoy loud and clear sound. Best for video or calls over different platforms. The speaker for sound output is impressive. A 3.5mm headphone jack is present as well.
    5. Screen – The screen is HDR10 certified and supports a 120Hz high refresh rate. The smartphone is equipped with a feature of so-called adaptive refresh rates and shifts between 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz.
    6. Cameras– The phone has a dual camera, a 64MP primary camera that has a 1/1.17 inch Sony IMX686 sensor with OI, and a 12MP secondary camera that has a ½.25 inch Sony IMX363 sensor, along with a 113-degree field of view.
    7. User-Interface – The phone has Android 11 with ZenUI on top. The proprietary user interfaces are similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI or Samsung’s OneUI. The best part about ZenUI is that it keeps Android close to stock, and the bloatware has been kept to a minimum.
    8. Is it worth investing in? – Since the Zenfone 8 has an excellent performance, you can invest INR42, 999 on the smart device.

    Therefore, you have all the good reasons to go for this flagship phone in case you wish to have a smaller-sized quality phone.

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