Audi A6: Best In-Class Luxury Sedan

    The Audi A6 offers a seamless experience with end-to-end digitization, elegance, and a sporty design. The ones who have driven the car have applauded the nimbleness, the sleek and upscale look. Most importantly, they say that the car is highly dependable regarding comfort and manoeuvre.

    This article lets us learn more about Audi A6‘s operating system, chassis, engine, and more. The Audi A6 price is justified.

    The Audi A6 Operating System

    A few technological innovations that you will find in this car model include the MMI touch response system, in which the two large displays are replaced by controls and buttons that were available in the earlier model. The display at the top has icons applicable to all functions. It can be customized based on preference and is similar to the user experience one experiences with regular smartphone apps.

      • MMI Navigation plus equipped with a 10.1-inch display
      • MMI Touch Response
      • Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System
      • Audi virtual cockpit equipped with high-resolution display
      • Operated with the help of multifunctional buttons and steering wheel
      • Natural language voice interaction system
      • Onboard search
      • A wide array of vehicle functions like air conditioning systems and controlling air
    • Speech commands

    Chassis and Engine

    The Audi A6 TFSI is driven by a powerful 2.0L TFSI engine that generates 180KW, equivalent to 245hp, and 370Nm of torque. It also has a 7-speed S tronic transmission system for smoother gear shifts that will not cost too much power. It goes from 0 to 100 in just 6.8 seconds.

    There is a heavy-duty suspension that combines stability, a comfortable ride, and improved sportiness. The optimal levels for each wheel are calculated with the help of sensor data and a control unit.

    Display of Audi A6

    The Audi A6 Virtual Cockpit has a 12.3-inch TFT screen. It is a digital instrument and displays detailed graphics. You will find there are indicators towards the lower edge that give signals about the outside temperature, odometer readings, and time.

    The many details that you will find in the display panel include the following-

    • Speed and rpm
    • Navigation detailed information
    • Driver assistance system
    • Media
    • Tachometer
    • Small dial instruments


    It does not make sense when you shell out a lot of money and need the provision to personalize your sedan. However, the Audi A6 price does offer this functionality to you.

    You can create personal profiles right from the weekdays to the weekends, whether for city driving, freeway, country road profile, etc. You can switch between profiles whenever necessary or depending on the terrain you are driving on.

    The amalgamation of the Audi A6 of rear and front seats offers comfortable and unparalleled end-to-end digitization that appeals to all users.

    The Audi A6 price in India starts with the on-road price in Delhi being INR 64.07 lakhs for the petrol engine. The top-end model with a petrol engine with A6 Technology 45 TFSI is INR 70.41 Lakhs. The Audi A6 with A6 technology is the most expensive and has many features.

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