Bank Balance Check: A Step-by-Step Guide for You

    Gone are those days when you needed to go to your bank physically for bank balance check or other financial transactions. But now, in this digital era, you can just do that with a few clicks on your smartphone or a few clicks on your computer’s mouse. Digital technology has made it easy for you to know your bank balance, deposit funds, transfer money, and do many other things. 

    Why Checking Your Bank Balance is Important?

    You need to opt for your bank balance check. You need to keep track of it for various reasons. Knowing your bank balance may help prevent potentially fraudulent transactions or errors. Having a track of your bank balance also allows you to control your expenses. Therefore, you need to be aware of your bank account balance. 

    How to do a Bank Balance Check?

    There are various ways in which you can do a bank balance check. For example, you can do it through UPI, net banking, SMS, push notifications, or email. You can also check bank balance with account number. Let’s discuss them in detail below. 

    Net Banking

    One of the most convenient and popular ways to check your bank balance is through net banking. To do so, visit your bank’s official website from your smartphone or computer and log in to your account. If you are visiting the website for the first time, register. Provide details like your bank account number, CVV number, debit card number, email address, phone number, etc.

    Once you submit the form, you will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on the registered cell number. Upon entering the OTP, create your username and password. Now, you are all set to log in to your account to check your bank balance or do other online banking activities. If you wish to do bank balance check online, then this is the best option for you.


    Visiting an ATM to do a bank balance check is another popular option. Visit an ATM and insert your ATM card into the ATM. Then, you need to follow the instructions on-screen. To complete the transaction, provide your PIN and select the ‘Balance Enquiry Option.’

    The only drawback of using an ATM to do your bank balance check is that visiting an ATM outside your bank network may incur additional charges. 


    The SMS services provided by your bank also inform you about your bank balance. You must ensure your mobile number is registered and activated with the bank. After making an online transaction, you automatically get an SMS from the bank informing you about the transaction and the remaining balance.

    On the other hand, you can ask for a quick bank balance check anytime you want. To make this request, you may have to send a specific text to a particular number of your bank. After that, your bank will send you a text stating your current balance. This whole process takes no more than a few seconds. You must include ‘my bank balance’ while sending the SMS. 

    Missed Call Services

    Most banks provide missed call services to help customers know their bank balances and other details. Hence, you must just give a missed call using your registered mobile and bank numbers. Then, your bank will send you a text stating the balance update.

    While giving the missed call, you must ensure your mobile number is registered with the bank. And the number has to be activated. 

    Phone Call

    Calling your bank directly will also help you do the bank balance check. This method is for those who are more into the traditional method. All you need to do is call your bank’s helpline number, and you will get to know the balance.

    Most banks provide automated systems where you can get account information around the clock. Selective banks may ask you to generate a PIN and follow additional procedures. You need to be familiar with this procedure, and then you can easily do a bank balance check in this way. 

    UPI and Banking Apps

    Another option to consider is knowing your bank account balance through UPI and various other banking apps. Opting for UPI is a convenient way to know your account balance without any hassles. This process is fast and efficient, and many people nowadays prefer this option.

    You only need to download and install the UPI app on your smartphone. Using your registered mobile number, you need to register on the app. After the setup, you can check your balance by providing your UPI pin on the app. You can access your bank balance in this way for free. This option is perfect for all bank balance check online.


    Setting alerts is another helpful way to know your bank account balance. You can set up alerts to get push notifications while particular events occur. Such alerts could be text messages or emails; you can customize them to your preference. Sometimes, the bank sends typically you alerts when a transaction is made from your account. 

    For example, it would be wise to set up alerts when your account balance falls below a certain amount or a big withdrawal is made. Adding such alerts ensures an additional layer of security that keeps you aware of your financial activities. 


    When you open your bank account, you get a passbook. This password has all the details or records of your financial transaction until you update it. Doing a bank balance check by updating your passbook is another popular method.

    Most users in villages or urban areas who are not tech-savvy prefer to opt for this option to know their bank account balance. The best thing about this method is that after updating your passbook, you can check all the previous transactions and the present account balance. But you need to visit your bank for this physically. 

    Through Bank Statements

    Knowing your account balance through bank statements is another way to consider. But there are more faster ways to do bank balance check. Most of the banks send monthly account statements to your mail. Hence, you can learn about your account balance and other transaction details by checking your bank statements.

    Checking Electronic statements online is convenient and efficient. You can do it using your smartphone with an active internet connection. 

    What are the Advantages of Checking Your Bank Balance on the Phone?

    Using your smartphone, you can effortlessly do bank balance check with a few taps. This has several benefits. A few of such benefits are described below. 

    24/7 Accessibility

    Options like missed call services and toll-free numbers enable you to do bank balance check for 24/7. You can thus know your account balance anytime you want from anywhere. It is beneficial and convenient for you. 

    Geographical Freedom

    You can check your bank balance from anywhere using a smartphone. All you need is an active internet connection, and you are set to go. 

    Saves Your Time

    Using the phone to check your bank balance saves time and effort. It also saves you from visiting your bank in person. This is why so many people prefer to use this method to know their ban account details. 


    Doing a bank balance check from your phone is immensely convenient. It takes you up to a few minutes to explore information about your bank account details. So if you are in search of a convenient way to know the bank balance, then use a smartphone to explore it online. 

    How to Protect Your Bank Account?

    It is essential to protect your bank account. With the rising cyber-theft and crimes, it is high time you protect your account at all costs. Protecting your personal information from scammers or hackers is not that difficult if you follow some simple steps. Here are some useful tips that you are required to follow to secure your account details.

    • You must follow proper password guidelines to set a strong password. Do not use your name, your father’s name, or your date of birth. Instead, create a random password using different letters, numbers, and special characters. 
    • Make a habit of changing your password regularly. 
    • You must check your bank account regularly and remember to report to the bank if there are any fraudulent or suspicious activities. 
    • You can access your bank account online through a secure connection only. Visit your bank’s official website and then access your account from there. 
    • Be aware of different phishing scams. Do not click suspicious attachments or links in text messages or emails. 

    Learn about different ongoing online scams and phishing attacks. This will prepare you to avoid becoming a victim of such attacks and scams. Doing detailed research on different aspects of this matter will only benefit you.

    Experience online bank balance checking here.


    If you wish to do a bank balance check, opting for any of the above-described methods would benefit you. Different users prefer to use other methods according to their comfort level and convenience. It also depends on your personal preference in choosing any method to know your bank account balance. Whatever method you choose, it will help you know your bank account details. 

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