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    Banker Turned Chef Meghna: The Inspiring Journey Of An All-Rounder

    You might have read tonnes of inspiring stories about people achieving their dreams against all odds on the internet. Stories of people who gave up their secure nine-to-five jobs to follow their passion are not hard to find either. But we’re sure you’ve never read anything like the story you’re about to read now. Ever heard of Meghna’s Food Magic? Yes, we’re talking about the famous banker turned chef, Meghna, who went from being a successful banker to a culinary expert, celebrity chef, TEDx speaker, and an internet sensation- all in just two years! Today chef Meghna has achieved everything that she had never even imagined a few years back. She works with various popular national and international brands, has her own YouTube channel, is an acclaimed culinary expert, and is an inspiration to millions. 

    Before venturing into the world of culinary arts, Meghna was a successful banker who had spent a little over a decade in the banking sector. After spending a significant part of her life working between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Meghna decided to quit the grandeur of the corporate sector to venture into the world of food. That’s when her food magic began. What makes this story even interesting is that chef Meghna had never been a good cook. A series of circumstances, paired with her personal choices and the rebel inside her laid the foundations of her journey.

    Who is Chef Meghna?

    Banker turned chef, Meghna is an expert in the culinary arts and an influencer. After quitting her monotonous corporate job she began pursuing her dream of starting her network of food making videos. Meghna had started to cook healthy when she became a mother. Soon, this responsibility turned into a passion. In only four years Meghna carved for herself a distinct niche in the food industry. Along with being a mother of a 12-year-old daughter she also runs a website, a youtube channel, and several other social media channels that deal with cooking. She has created her own brand named Meghna’s Food Magic. She has also appeared and starred in several ad campaigns for brands like Cadbury, Dr. Oetker, Tata Housing, Daniel Wellington, Dove, Signature, ITC Sunfeast, etc. Meghna has also given a motivational speech in TEDx where she talked about the ambition of women and gender equality. 

    The Journey of banker turned chef Meghna


    Born in Ahmedabad, Meghna’s family was quite opulent when she was a little girl. However, in a fateful turn of events, her family suffered a great financial loss while she was still studying. To support her studies and contribute to her family, Meghna started a job as a receptionist in a sharebroker’s office. After graduation, she cracked an examination and got a junior-level job in the administration sector of Kotak Mahindra Finance.  This was the beginning of the long but beautiful journey of the banker turned chef, Meghna. After a few months of joining she had to quit her job to move to Mumbai as her husband got transferred. But very soon she again got hired by Kotak Mahindra. After a few years, she got hired by ICICI Lombard with a bigger salary. Yet, she was nowhere near being the chef Meghna that she is today.  Meghna kept working until her daughter was born in 2006, after which she had to become a homemaker to take care of her newborn. This pushed her into depression with an urge of getting back to work at the earliest.

    The Mother 

    After becoming a mother, Meghna realized the importance of healthy food choices in life. Although she was not a great cook, she wanted to be a role model for her child. This is why chef Meghna began her journey into the culinary world. At first, she started to go to cooking classes in her neighbourhood. After some classes, she started to practice and hone her cooking skills. That is when the dream of the Meghna Kitchen started taking shape. Her husband took a work-from-home job to support Meghna by taking care of the child, while she went to Sophia College to study culinary arts. After gaining confidence, Meghna started catering for parties and social gatherings. Due to her excellent cooking skills, she was soon offered a cooking job in a five-star hotel. But soon, she learned about the fraudulent system of the restaurant food and quit her job. Her urge to teach people to eat healthy inspired her to create Meghna’s Food Magic.

    The Meghna Food Magic

    After quitting her job, Meghna started to cater again. She became interested in food-making videos and wanted to master the art of being an online chef. Her father advised her that food-making videos become successful when the appearance and cooking style of the chef makes the show pleasant. With this advice in mind, the banker turned chef, Meghna started working on a healthy appearance for her first Facebook channel. She created Meghna’s Kitchen and steadily started winning people’s hearts. The success of her Facebook page inspired Meghna to start the youtube channel, which she named Meghna’s Food Magic. Her husband and she started managing her channel on every possible social platform. Soon, her channel became popular and Meghna’s first-ever video on Youtube became an instant hit. She then found an investor for her channel and set up the ultimate Meghna Kitchen. Her food and recipe website has become one of the top websites in India. Even her Youtube channel’s growth is so high that Food Magic may soon become the most subscribed youtube channel in the food and lifestyle sector in India. 

    Reasons behind the Success of Chef Meghna

    As you might have already deciphered from the story of chef Meghna, one has to work hard to reach the pinnacle of success. The position that the banker turned baker holds today came with a lot of effort, hard work, and perseverance. The following factors have played a key role in the success of her YouTube channel, Meghna’s food magic:

    1. Listening to and engaging with the viewers: If you are a YouTuber, the only way of making sure your viewers keep coming back to your channel is engaging them with relatable content and listening to them. Chef Meghna has posted videos and blogs of many recipes that her fans had asked for to keep them engaged. 
    2. Consistency: Another impressive aspect of Meghna’s food magic is that videos keep coming up consistently, which has helped her in building her regular viewership. 
    3. Simplicity: The most important aspect of Meghna’s food-making videos is that they are simple. The recipes that Meghna shares do not require expensive kitchenware or hard-to-find ingredients. She tries to keep things simple and posts recipes that involve ingredients that are easily available even to the middle class. This simplicity also helps in extending the viewership of Meghna kitchen to males, who conventionally remain outside the kitchen. 


    The journey of the banker turned chef, Meghna is an inspiration to millions of YouTubers and aspiring cooks. Meghna’s Food Magic continues to win millions of hearts with its consistency, simplicity, and relatability. Her warm attitude and friendly gestures have made her a favourite among her viewers within no time at all. The journey of chef Meghna from being a banker to a YouTube star, influencer, and celebrity chef inspires her viewers to never give up on their dreams.

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