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    Berger Paints is a multinational Indian company based in India. It is highly appreciated that is the 2nd largest company in the field of the paint industry. Berger Paints offers colourful and designer paints based on their best quality to their customers. The best thing with Berger Paints is that their guiding principle is customer priority, company’s performance, valuing people, and the most important part of their principle is an ethical practice. Berger believes in the principle of ethics to make their brand renowned.

    In the case study, we will highlight all different kinds of aspects and sides of this company such as their marketing campaigns, digital presence in the market globally, and social media marketing strategy. So without more delay, let’s start with the case study.

    About the Company

    The company was founded by Mr Lewis Berger and started its colourful journey in the year 1760. Berger paints were started to integrate with a different line of business from the year 1923. The company headquarters is present in Kolkata, West Bengal. Berger Paints international market presence over the 5 countries and its countrywide supply and distribution channels make the company one of the well established and renowned paint companies in the country. This company is located internationally in Poland, Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh, and India. Berger Paints India successfully has their production unit in the place of Krasnodar, Russia. The colourful paint company has also deeply acquired the Bolix SA of the country name Poland, an External Insulation systems provider in entire Eastern Europe.

    Berger Paints successfully has been becoming one of the market leaders of the industrial paint segment in the Indian paint industry for more than 45 years and secure its place among one of the top colour paint companies in the segment of Architectural Coatings all over Asia. Berger is also listed among the top 15 paint companies all over the world.

    The company has achieved the 15th position from its earlier 24th position in the fiscal year of 2016 and continues providing different kinds of cutting edge and innovative paint products and their service easily reach to their customer and make them satisfied. Now we have a piece of knowledge regarding the company and its worldwide achievements and then come into the discussion of the marketing mix of Berger Paints.

    Berger Paints Marketing Mix

    The marketing mix is the qualitative product model that demonstrates the market conduct and core value of the company. This Marketing mix potentially helps the company to find the right balance and effectively provides accurate promotional opportunities for any segmented product into the right channel which is based on the 4 parameters, which is known by 4Ps of marketing. The 4 Ps are, ‘place’, ‘product’, ‘price’, and ‘promotion’. Now we are looking into the strategy of the marketing mix in Berger Paints in the next section.

    • Distribution and Place Strategy

    Berger Paints Company has a huge distribution network or channel with more than 160 stock sites that successfully deliver their products to over 25000 active dealers. This action can demonstrate the company’s strategy based on a marketing mix of solid distribution strategies. Berger Paint has a professional and efficient sales team over all the locations to describe the details regarding the products and services to their customers. Their salesperson effectively assists the customer with the best purchases and provides consultation or guide on painting solutions as per their needs and requirement.

    The company distribution channel starts to runs from the place of a factory to the warehouses to their different sales office to distributors or retailers to the customers. Bulk customers like big corporate projects and institutional developers are dealt with by their sales officers. 

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    • Product Strategy

    Berger Paints is a renowned and branded paint company worldwide. This paint company is popular all over India by securing the brand at the 2nd position in the country. Berger Paints product channel is divided into two categories; those are industrial paints and decorative paints.

    It also successfully offers protective coating, GI & Automobile coatings, and powder coating under the category of industrial paints.

    • Price Strategy

    Due to the large portfolio of Berger Paints, the company has a different pricing strategy. Their wall coatings colour prices are also reasonable and the range starts from 140 Rs per litter for the Acrylic Emulsion to the price of Rs 430 per litter for the Silk Luxury Emulsions. Even though with such decent price of their product they do not compromise with their quality, they prefer to deliver a high quality product and services to their customer within a modest range of pricing. In this industry, Walmasta, Bison Emulsion paints are extremely regarded. The express level painting options are very reasonable in price and handy for the customers. Industrial paint solutions are most likely reasonable in price with the price range varies depending upon the customization level.

    • Promotion Strategy

    The promotional strategy of Berger Paints traditionally has emphasized incursive marking. It deeply relies on advertising as per its promotional techniques. Market their innovative and newer items; corporation mainly creates various marketing campaigns. Also, it runs various sales campaigns with promotions to maintain the painter and merchant loyalty, which is tight to converting the sales.

    Berger Paints Marketing Strategy

    Berger Paints use a variety of promotional technique to promote their brand. Berger prefers aggressive marketing by using guerrilla tactics on TV like relating their colour paints with sky and having their product brand ambassadors that lead consumers to get more attention and showing interest to buy their products.

    Companies Brand Ambassadors

    In the current year, Berger Paints showing interest in using popular faces to market their products. The company has signed some popular celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, and Katrina Kaif to promote their colour products. 

    Berger Paints Marketing Campaigns

    Berger Paints prefers to promote their product through several campaigning. The company has done various campaigns with its brand ambassadors and had great responses from the consumers. Some of the campaigns attract customers towards their product, those are following,

    • Diwalipanti Campaign
    • Jaldi Karo Campaign
    • Safety Bhari Khushiya Campaign

    Their Competitors

    Berger Paints is India’s second-largest paint company and it is one of the leading brands in this painting industry, so it is common a huge competition present in this market. Asian Paints is one of the leading competitors and continuously growing in this painting industry.

    Other competitors include:

    • Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd
    • Shalimar Paints Ltd


    This Berger Paints case study clearly states that whatever the marketing strategies or campaigns used by the company mainly to spread the awareness regarding the company products and their services and also raise engagement with their clients by using an appropriate mix of offline marketing and digital media strategies to defeat this issue. The company essentially need to maintain their high reputation and keep continue to doing the prodigious work what they are doing already.

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