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    Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 -Explore your Options

    Bluetooth speakers are portable and this feature more than the others makes it so much sought after. The popularity has skyrocketed.

    You can listen to music from your playlist saved on your smartphone with comparative ease. In this brief write-up, let us find out the names of a few of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000.

    Features of Best-sounding Smart Speaker

    Aside from these speakers’ Bluetooth capability, and being the best smart speaker for music, they have a few more features that make them unique and popular.

    • Portability

    These Bluetooth speakers are portable and are available with several handles and clips with the help of which you can carry on your belt, bags, and backpacks. They have carabiners with the help of which they can be clipped. Many speakers allow you to separate the two speakers that can be heard separately.

    • Water-resistant

    These speakers are water-resistant and if you want you can carry them to the poolside, beach for a party.

    • Batteries are Rechargeable

    Most of the Bluetooth speakers have an in-built battery that can be recharged. Some speakers have lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. So, you can listen to your favorite songs all day.

    • Durable

    Some of the speakers that are available in the market are not just durable but they withstand considerable wear and tear as compared to a few others.

    Smart Speaker vs Bluetooth Speaker – Know the facts

    Both the Bluetooth speakers and the smart speakers look the same but they differ in more than one feature. They are different when it comes to portability, function, and convenience.

    You can buy one according to your needs and budget. However, there are many models and brands to choose from that will not hurt your pocket.

    The main difference between smart speakers vs Bluetooth speakers is that the smart speakers are not portable and stay at home. You can connect the smart speakers with the help of your Wi-Fi network and you have to operate with your voice commands like the speakers that work with Alexa. On the other hand, the Bluetooth speakers are portable and affordable and you can hear music through your phone. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, there are LED panels that offer visual effects as well.

    Here, is a list of the best smart speaker with the screen as of 2021.

    • Google Nest Hub Max
    • Amazon Echo Show 8
    • Amazon Echo Show 10
    • Google Nest Hub
    • Echo Show 5
    • Facebook Portal Go

    Names of a few Best Bluetooth speakers under 2000

    Check out the names here.

    • boat Stone 650
    • JBL GO Portable
    • Amkette Trubeats Boomerfx+
    • Boltt Fire Xplode 1500
    • boat Stone SpinX 2.0

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