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    Best Chrome Extensions To Personalize and Customize Browsing Experience

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    Extensions can be understood as software programs constructed on web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It enables users to personalise and customise their browsing experience. Google Chrome is now one of the most utilised and fastest web browsers introduced by Google. Chrome extensions are great software which increases the speed of the web browser and provides an enhanced experience to the users. With advanced technology, the threat of safety and security on online platforms has also increased, therefore, most of the time individuals hesitate to add these extensions. But the individuals who have a little deeper knowledge regarding technology and extensions, those people would know how useful and effective these chrome extensions are. Chrome extensions add various beneficial functionality to the web browser which enhances search engine power, speed, and many more. A few top and useful chrome extensions are Adblock Plus, Grammarly, Google dictionary, Todoist, Lastpass, Readme, Save to Google Drive, and Download manager among others. All these Chrome extensions will make it easy for the users to search, write or download anything from the web browser.

    The best place to get these extensions is Google Chrome Store. This is a virtual marketplace for users to browse Chrome-integrated websites, extensions, Chrome apps, and themes. To open the Google Chrome Store, click on the launcher icon in the bottom left corner. Now an individual can either type ‘Chrome Web Store‘ in the search box to find it, or can click to see all apps. Then a person will be able to open the Chrome Web Store from the apps list. Few key benefits of this online store for apps and extensions are,

    i) Apps install quickly, without restarting your computer or browser.

    ii) Apps are always up-to-date because they are hosted on the web.

    iii) Apps would not crash your computer. If you see, somehow you are having trouble with an app then close its tab.

    iv) You can easily discover and open the app via the app launcher.

    v) You can use them to add new features to existing web apps.

    vi) You can use them as shortcuts when they appear on your address bar.

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    Top Chrome Extensions

    Adblock Plus

    One of the most trusted extensions with over 500 million downloads. It is a browser extension for advertisement blocking. It removes advertisements from the web browser and offers security and protection from any third-party trackers. It is free, simple to utilise, provide an effective enhancement for the online experience and is completely customisable. Key features of this chrome extension block annoying video ads, block pop-ups, are free to use, allow acceptable advertisement, disable social media buttons and disable tracking.


    This is one of the most useful Chrome extensions specifically for writers. This extension checks the grammar and spelling of everything a person writes. It is very normal for the writers to leave few typos while writing a big piece, and there are a few grammar mistakes and typos which cannot be identified by just proofreading. Grammarly does it for us without leaving any mistakes. It is free for checking grammar errors and spelling mistakes, but this extension also has few premium features for which individuals need to pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

    Google Dictionary

    Another most helpful chrome extension is provided by Google. It is one of the most trustable dictionary chrome extensions which supports a wide range of languages. Instead of opening a new tab to check the definition or spelling, simply highlight the word and click the Google Dictionary extension icon in the web browser, it will show the meaning within a fraction of a second without any extra effort. It is quite fast and easy to utilise.


    This is mainly a project management chrome extension that enables a person to create highly organized to-do lists across all of the digital devices like desktops or smartphones. Making sure to submit work on deadline or remember to read any important mail, pdf, book or saving a link for later, this chrome extension will help with all these tasks and appropriately organise them. With just one click on the extension, a person would be able to see the to-do list as per the requirements.


    It can be said that it is a password vault chrome extension. Lastpass is a password manager that autofill in passwords for all of the accounts you save with this extension. It is one of the best home bases for everything saved online including credit card information, secure notes and passwords. It is a chrome extension that reduces the main worry of most individuals these days regarding online platforms which are safety and security regarding personal information.


    These days people want everything to be done in a faster manner and it will be better if they can do it by reading a long boring mail or work PDFs. Sometimes it is tiring to read a whole PDF when you are at work or just finish work but have to reply to a mail. This chrome extension would be perfect that. It is a text-to-speech reader that works right within your Chrome browser to increase accessibility as you write or read articles. Listening to your writing can be an excellent way to catch errors.

    Save to Google Drive

    Smartphones have limited space for storing various types of space and as a solution, Google has introduced the ‘Save to Google Drive‘ chrome extension which enables a person to any type of files to save online with proper safety and security. It can almost save a range of files such as audio, videos, photos, and documents without any particular limitation. It clears space for smartphones or desktops which enhances the performance of the devices.

    These are the few best Chrome Extensions that can be utilised to increase the more smooth and easy experience of utilising a web browser. These chrome extensions will be helpful for many purposes such as improved search engine results, writing assistance, and many others.

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