Bike lights – What you Need to Know About Them

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that most of the fatalities related to bicycles take place between 6 PM and 9 PM, being nearly 40%. One of the reasons why these accidents take place is since you are not visible on the road especially at night. So, what is the solution? It is using the best bicycle headlight. Let us find out more about the cycling torch under the following sub-heads:

    1. Lights during the day and night – The optimal setup

    The bicycle lights are divided into 2 categories, the lights that will help you to see and the lights that will allow others to see you.

    At night

    When you are riding at night, you must invest in a minimum of 2 lights on your bike at night. These lights must be in the front so that they illuminate the road in front. You should also have a rear taillight so that drivers behind you can spot you. The light in front must be bright and white so that upcoming obstacles can be seen. Ideally, do not invest in lights less than 800 lumens bicycle light. If you invest in a 500 lumens bicycle light, it will not serve the purpose. Generally, the nighttime front lights must range between 250 lumens and 2000 lumens.

    Daytime lights

    Legally you do not require daytime bike lights but it has been found that if a cyclist has constant permanent running lights, the incidence of the accident is 19% less.

    2. How to select the right kind of light for your bike

    Regardless of whether you are investing in bike lights for night riding or daytime riding, there are a few factors that will help you to select the one that will serve your purpose and ensure your safety better. Let us find out these factors here.

    • The type of bike lights you select for your needs. Choose from amongst high output lighting systems, front, rear, and sidelights.
    • Light performance comparison. Compare how each light performs and then invest in one. Whether it is LED, Lumens, Beam Pattern.
    • Whether or not you want to go for the recharging lighting system.

    Types of light

    Check out these different types of bike lights that you can go for.

    • You could come across LED variants, regular bulbs, and dynamo-powered lights that are used for the motorbikes or headlights of cars.
    • While some lights are driven by batteries, some are USB-operated and Dynamo lights.
    • You could buy them for the front lights, tail lights, and frame lights from any local shop or a store where you often visit for your bike accessories.

    Remember, investing in quality bike lights online or from brick-and-mortar stores does not matter as long as you lay your hands on the best product that will keep you safe.

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