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    Bollywood’s Drought Comes to an End with Brahmastra Story-Despite its Strengths, the Film has Some Drawbacks as Well

    Brahmastra Story‘s opening day global box office haul of Rs 75 crore has given the Hindi film industry hope that the box office slump will soon end.

    Filmmaker Ayan Mukerji’s mission of love, “Brahmastra- Part One: Shiva,” has already released in theatres on September 9 worldwide after five years of creation, a pandemic in the midst, a romance on the set, and eventually a wedding. One of the most talked-about movies of the season has been dubbed the most costly Bollywood film ever made due to its outstanding VFX. At a time when the Hindi film industry is trying to make an impact at the box office.

    What is the Plot of the Brahmastra Story?

    The movie starts by setting up the plot brilliantly, especially considering that it is the trilogy’s first instalment. It takes the audience back in time and describes how sages meditated in the Himalayas to acquire powers based on the four elements of fire, water, wind, and earth, as well as materials from plants and animals to create unique weapons or astras.

    These sages create a universe called the “Brahmansh,” where they employ their newly acquired weapons to defend the world. Light is one of the most powerful asteroids ever created; because of its tremendous force, it is capable of destroying the cosmos. A primary “Brahmansh” figure guards each of the three sections of the Brahmastra that exist today.

    Brahmastra Cast

    There are several actors in Brahmastra Part One, for example, Shiva is Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and Shah Rukh Khan makes a crucial cameo appearance. The movie doesn’t focus on performance, despite having some well-known names in crucial roles. In the movie, Amitabh Bachchan plays his typical patriarch role, while Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, who play the lead roles, have a sizzling chemistry that Mukerji underutilizes.

    Neither actor has much screen time. For the story to proceed, Ranbir and Alia did not have to fill these roles. Mouni Roy, who played the evil Junoon, was the only actress we thought was outstanding, though the text severely let down her performance.

    Brahmastra Songs and Special Effects

    Pritam’s music for the Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor movie deserves appreciation. Every song, including the ever-popular “Kesariya” and the brilliantly written “Dance Ka Bhoot,” is memorable long after the movie has ended. The cinematographers, Sudeep Chatterjee, Pankaj Kumar, Patrick Duroux, Manikandan, and Vikash Nowlakha, did a fantastic job on The Sons.

    The writing in the movie has a few issues, but the VFX more than makes up for it. It is a visual feast unmatched in Indian film. Although VFX played a significant role in SS Rajamouli’s “Baahubali,” “Brahmastra” may push that technology further. It is incredibly breathtaking in the second half.

    Brahmastra Full Movie Review

    This is not to suggest that Brahmastra is perfect; its biggest shortcoming is the dialogue and storyline. The real-life pair Kapoor and Bhatt’s lack of chemistry is a huge flaw, mainly because their romance is regarded as the heart and soul of this superhero narrative. It is difficult to gauge the strength of their passion because of the conventional nature of their love at first sight and the lack of genuine on-screen chemistry. This void is not filled by the names of his characters, Shiva (Kapoor) and Isha (Bhatt), which is another name for Parvati.

    It is also a critical movie for Bollywood. Despite setbacks and controversy, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra story successfully fuses a traditionally Indian theme with a western filmmaking sensibility. The result is a complicated story supported by unique modern technology.

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