Cherrapunji: Places to Visit & Things to Do

    Cherrapunji in the Indian state, Meghalaya, has received the title of “The Wettest Place on Planet Earth.” There’s no denial either. It is indeed one of the wettest and the most beautiful places on Earth.

    Contrary to the belief of extremely chilly winters, the weather in Cherrapunji is most comfortable and pleasant during the winters, which is one of the main reasons why so many people flock to this destination every year.

    If you want to get away from the hot summers or frigid winters, you should consider visiting Cherrapunji once in your lifetime. As it is the wettest place in the world, you may be wondering that the place is prone to rainfall throughout the year. Well, not necessarily. Cherrapunji has extremely beautiful scenery.

    History of Cherrapunji

    People from Mawlynnong to Cherrapunji are well aware of the history of the place. Well, one of the most important facts to note about this place is that the faces of the place change with the pattern of rainfall and not the season. May to September experiences heavy downpours or rainfall, which is why you wouldn’t want to visit the place during this season. It’s completely dark and heavy downpours. It feels as if the rain is falling on Earth as a whiplash.

    History Cherapunjji

    Over the years, Cherrapunji has transformed significantly. The raindrops make their way to the rooftops and treetops every year, and you can enjoy this beauty nowhere but only in the Northeastern states of India.



    The annual average rainfall received in Cherrapunji is around 10,871 millimeters every year. However, Mawsynram in Meghalaya, just 10km from Cherrapunji, holds the title for being the place with the heaviest rainfall. The average recorded rainfall is around 12163 millimeters. Hence, currently, it is the place with the highest rainfall in India.

    The extensive rainfall contributes to the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. The Khasia believe that flora and fauna affect the Rain God’s mood. After September, the pattern of rainfall in Cherrapunji significantly changes. And hence, the locals believe that the place is ready to welcome guests.

    Where is Cherrapunji Located?

    Cherrapunji is located in the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is just 10 km away from Mawsynram village.

    What are the Top Places to visit in Cherrapunji?

    The falls and caves in Cherrapunji are the major attraction of the place. Whether you’re new or have visited Cherrapunji quite a few times, you will be surprised by the natural beauty of the place.

    Here’s the list of all places you should visit when you’re in Cherrapunji.

    Nohkalikai Falls

    The Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most popular destinations in Cherrapunji. The place holds the record of being the highest waterfall in the country and the fourth-highest globally. The waterfall covers a height of 1115 feet.

    Nohkalikai Falls

    The Nohkalikai Falls starts from the plateau that receives the highest rainfall in India. The pace at which the waterfall roars its way down is a magnificent sight. The place where it falls has eventually turned into a waterhole that appears blue in winter and green in summer.


    The view from the top of the waterfalls is one to remember. Moreover, if the Cherrapunji weather is clear, you will also be able to view the Bangladesh plains. The legends related to the waterfall are what make it one of the must-visit places in Cherrapunji.

    Dainthlen Falls

    Cherrapunji is a land known for its caves and waterfalls. If you’re a sucker for nature’s true beauty, you should see Cherrapunji in the lap of mother nature.

    The Dainthlen falls in Cherrapunji are just 5km away from the main city. According to the local people’s legends, the tribal people of the land killed a huge snake that lived in a cave close to the Dainthlen falls. The waterfall houses some of the most popular rock carvings, which are said to be of the snake that represents greed and evil.

    Dainthlen Falls

    One of the main characteristics of the Dainthlen falls is its softness. Although you may not be able to listen to the sounds of the roaring waterfall, you will surely be able to feel the place’s electric atmosphere. The Dainthlen falls house a breathtaking view. Once you start driving across the waterfalls, you will be taken aback by the natural beauty.


    Thangkharang Park

    Thangkharang Park is at a distance of 12km from the main city. The park is located on Cliff’s edge and houses the most beautiful waterfall in Cherrapunji, the Kynrem Falls. From here, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Bangladesh plains.

    The Kynrem Falls in Thangkharang Park is the seventh highest waterfall. Another prominent attraction in Thangkharang Park is the Khoh Ramhah Rock. The rock follows a single formation which makes it appear as if it is a giant basket. It is for this reason that the rock is also known as the Giant Basket. The Thangkharang Park houses a small play area which is the ideal place for kids.

    Mawsmai Cave

    The Mawsmai Cave is indeed one of the most popular attractions in Cherrapunji. It is the darkest attraction in Cherrapunji. If you’re looking forward to visiting a place in all its darkness, you should consider visiting Mawsmai Cave.

    Mawsmai Cave

    You wouldn’t even know when you’re on the verge of covering the trail and hitting your head across the solid rock foundation. This is one of those caves in Cherrapunji that has very little light. Moreover, it is primarily dark only. But it’s the grim darkness of the place that adds to the magic of exploration and beauty.


    If you are lucky enough to get frail lightings across the Mawsmai Cave, you will be surprised to know the formation of rocks’ patterns. One of the most significant benefits of Mawsmai Cave is that it is purely a natural function. When you’re here, you will be able to explore the true beauty of nature.

    Nohsngithiang Falls

    Another greatest popular destination to visit in Cherrapunji is the Nohsngithiang Falls. It is the fourth highest waterfall in India, with a height of 1035 feet. Around seven streams flow down from the waterfalls. Hence, it has achieved the name of Seven Sister Waterfalls. The waterfall houses the limestone, and the backdrop is what makes the place extremely beautiful. It will help if you prefer visiting the place during the monsoon to relish its true beauty.


    How to Reach Cherrapunji?

    If you’re in Shillong, you can easily reach Cherrapunji as it is only 58km away from the place. The roads are steep and have foggy weather, so you need to be extremely careful while driving through these places. Well, you can hire buses and taxis to visit Cherrapunji from Shillong.

    What Is The Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji?

    One of the most commonly asked questions is which the best time to visit Cherrapunji is. Well, the best time to visit the place is during winter. Although Cherrapunji weather is pleasant all year, you need to be extremely picky when you want to visit. When you want to visit will also depend on what you want to experience when you’re here. Winter and early summer is indeed the best time to visit Cherrapunji.

    Final Thoughts

    Cherrapunji is heaven on Earth, and it’s true. It is a hidden beauty that hasn’t been explored much. Anyone who loves nature and wants exclusive photos of nature should visit Cherrapunji once in their life.

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