Daily Watch Video and Earn Money: What You Need to Know

    The advent of the internet has made it possible to earn money in many ways. But you will come across various promises of easy money. Earning money just by watching videos is one such promise or claim. Can you watch videos daily and earn money? Well, it may appear like something unbelievable, but it is true. But the reality is more nuanced. 

    Can You Daily Watch Video and Earn Money?

    Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to daily watch video and earn money. This is quite a rewarding avenue for you to consider. All you need to do is watch some videos and ads, and you will get paid for it. 

    There are several legitimate websites and apps that you can use to daily watch video and earn money effectively. But one thing is sure: your earnings are less likely to be substantial. You can only use these platforms and apps as a side income source.

    More on It

    Most of these apps and platforms give you virtual currency or rewards for watching hours of videos, short clips, or ads. These currencies and rewards can then be redeemed for cash (through PayPal), gift cards, or other merchandise. So, this is how you can watch videos daily and earn money. 

    Things to Consider

    Before you decide to start using this best money-making app, you must consider a few essential aspects described below:

    Time Commitment vs Earning Potential

    You should know that there is no parity between the time spent watching videos and the amount of earnings. This ratio is likely to be disproportionate. You may have to watch hours of videos to earn a few bucks. 

    Legitimacy of Apps

    There are so many fraudulent apps flooding the market these days. So, you should be careful when choosing the best app to earn money. You need to be cautious of the apps that offer you unrealistic earning promises. On the other hand, you should always download apps from official app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Doing prior research about such apps is essential. 

    Data Usage and Privacy

    You may need an active internet connection to daily watch video and earn money  while accessing such apps. 

    How to Select the Right Money Earning App?

    There are many apps that you can use to daily watch video and earn money. But choosing the right app is crucial. Here are some aspects that you need to consider while choosing the right app. 

    User Reviews and Ratings

    Before choosing, you must check out the user ratings and reviews about a specific app. If the reviews and ratings are positive, you can use them to daily watch video and earn money . 

    Interface and Compatibility

    Considering the interface and compatibility of a money-earning app is also essential. This is how you can expect an enjoyable and seamless experience while earning money by watching videos. 

    Payout Structures

    Evaluating the payout structure beforehand is also vital. You must know about available payment methods, withdrawal thresholds, and the reward per video to ensure feasibility and transparency. 

    App Reputation

    You should opt for apps with a good reputation among users. Checking reviews, testimonials, and various online forums will be very useful for you in this regard. 

    Content Variety

    It would be wise on your part to choose money-earning apps that have a wide range of content. This way, you can watch different types of videos without getting bored and then get paid for them. 

    Security Measures

    You should choose only those apps that have strong security measures and privacy for their users. This is essential for you to ensure. 

    Best Apps and Platforms to Earn Money

    You can decide to use different kinds of apps to watch videos daily and earn money. Some of such apps are:


    Swagbucks is one of the best platforms for watching videos and effectively earning money. On this platform, you just need to watch ads and avail several benefits. Besides watching videos and ads, it also enables users to earn points through game playing, online shopping, and surveys. You just have to log in and get started. 

    The comprehensive rewards and loyalty programs of Swagbucks make it one of the most popular apps for watching videos and earning money. This is a reliable online platform for earning money. Many people consider it as the best money-earning app.


    InboxDollars is another trustworthy platform that lets you watch videos and get paid. On this platform, you can explore a wide range of content, from entertainment to sports and more. You are allowed to see a maximum of 30 videos within 24 hours. 

    One unique feature of InboxDollars is that it pays its users daily. You also get a sign-up bonus and other redemption options. This app lets you convert reward points into cash (through PayPal) and gift cards for various shopping sites. There is every reason to choose this money-earning app over other apps. 

    Explore InboxDollars here.


    MyPoints is one of the oldest platforms, running since 1996. It provides multifaceted ways for users to daily watch video and earn money . Apart from watching videos, you can also earn money on this platform through web searches, referrals, email reading, surveys, online games, and polls. 

    While watching videos on this platform, you get to gather points. Then, you can redeem the points in cash or gift cards from Walmart or Amazon. This flexible payout system is one of the reasons for the popularity of this app. Hence, you can use this app to daily watch video and earn money. 

    Nielsen Digital Voice

    Nielsen Digital Voice is another great app that lets you earn money by watching their videos. You can use this platform on your mobile phone or computer. Participating in online surveys is another way to earn money on this platform.

    The flexibility of watching videos and earning money is one of the best benefits of using this platform. Your income depends on the hours of videos you watch here. This is an excellent earning money app. 

    App Trailers

    This app lets you watch different videos at your own pace and earn money the best way possible. Whether you wish to watch DIY videos or celebrity gossip, each of its videos is a 30-second clip that you need to watch to earn 10 points. Then, 10 points are converted into 1 cent. This is how you can earn money online on this platform. 

    It all depends on you as to what your earnings will be. The more videos you watch, the more money you can earn. Doing some prior research about this app would be beneficial for you. 


    TaskBucks is another noteworthy app or platform where you can daily watch video and earn money . In addition to earning money from watching videos, there are other ways to earn money here. For example, you can earn money here by doing online surveys, quizzes, installing apps, etc. 

    Its user-friendly interface makes this app a desirable option for users to earn money. You can also opt for its referral program to earn money as needed. 


    There are so many apps to daily watch video and earn money  daily. But these apps can only be a passive source of income for you. You cannot just leave your regular job and use these apps to make your living. 

    On the other hand, you are supposed to put a lot of hard work into watching hours of videos to get paid at the end. You need to know the commitment versus potential earnings. Doing prior research about these apps will be essential for watching videos and earning money. 


    How to Earn Money Online in India?

    There are various ways to earn money online in India. You can choose the best online earning app from so many options. You can either watch videos to earn money or do other things like online surveys, watching ads, etc. You need to do some prior research to find the right app for the job. 

    Can You Earn Money Watching Videos and Ads?

    Yes, you can. Some platforms and apps let you watch different kinds of videos and get paid in return. You can also opt for watching ads to get paid. The earning amount will be insignificant, but this could be your additional income source. The Swagbucks app is a good option in this regard.

    How to Choose the Right Money-Earning Apps?

    You should do detailed research about different money-earning apps to select the best one. Checking legitimacy is another crucial option. Reading customer feedback and reviews is also significant. This is how you would be able to find the best earning app. 

    What are Some Good Money-Earning Apps?

    Among the innumerable money-earning apps, some of the best options are InboxDollars, PrizeRebel, MyPoints, and Swagbucks. If you look forward to knowing how to earn money online, these apps are your answers. 

    How Much Money Can You Earn Through These Apps?

    There is no fixed amount that you can earn using these money-earning apps. For example, you can earn by, but the amount is not likely to be significant. Visiting apkpro. in is another option to earn money by watching videos. 

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