Dangal Games, Online Gaming Platform, Successfully Raised $1M In Series A Round

    Dangal Games is a game development company that focuses on creating online games that are competitive in the global market. The company was founded in 2017 by Varun Mahna. Dangal Games is a company that specializes in developing online games. This app comprises a wide range of online games, and people can earn money through this platform. With the recent success of their business, they provide an excellent case study for the future of the online gaming platform. In Dangal Games’ case, they use AI to write game descriptions, marketing copy, and other marketing materials for their products. This lets them focus on what they do best: creating new and innovative games perfect for the online gaming platform. It is a platform where you can play games and earn money.

    More about the game

    Online gaming has been a craze for many years now. This craze is increasing more and more with new online gaming platforms. A wide range of online gaming platforms can be played on many platforms, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Mac. It is also available on iOS and Android devices.

    Online gaming is not new to the world of leisure, and it has been around for decades. However, the online gaming industry has seen a rise in popularity. This is due to the increase in mobile games, which are now available on smartphones and tablets. The craze of online gaming platforms can be attributed to their accessibility and affordability. Dangal online games are cheaper than video games because they don’t require any physical gadgets or consoles. All you need is a device with an internet connection, which most people already own these days, and you’re good to go!

    The way to success

    The Delhi-based start-up, Dangal games, has raised $1 million in a Series A round of capital from an anonymous strategic investor. The primary strategy of Dangal games is to plan to utilize the capital to expand its product portfolio and build the technical competencies for the business.

    Varun Mahna, CEO, and founder of Dangal games, stated that the Indian gaming industry is flourishing unprecedentedly. He also said that the platform had endured an inclining power shot in user-time spent post-pandemic. The funds to grow the gaming ecosystem are in the country and enable more gaming tech start-ups with investments.”

    As reported by a KPMG report, the Indian online gaming industry has raised Rs 4,380 crore in FY 2018. And it has been expected that the online gaming industry will touch Rs 11,880 crore by FY 2023. It has also been analyzed that online card games develop at a 50% to 100% rate every year. It is a beneficial fact for Dangal games because the platform’s first game is Poker Dangal which is one of the top five poker platforms in India. The primary strategy of this online gaming platform to generate revenue is by receiving entry fees for tournaments and taking service fees on wagers. Dangal games have stated that it has over five lakhs users, which is gradually increasing.

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