Duckduckgo Browser – Is It an Alternative to Google?

    A search engine that offers both a mobile browser app and a desktop DuckDuckGo extension, the DuckDuckGo browser is a search engine that aims at helping you to save your data that many companies otherwise eat up. This browser has promised to keep all your searches private, keep you anonymous, and provides the convenience of having a built-in tracker for blocking. This ensures that the websites you visit will not collect information about your browsing habits. 

    What is DuckDuckGo, and how does it work?

    In the case of the other browsers like Chrome, it will allow you to browse incognito or private windows. Under such circumstances, what you surf will not be shown in the search result, and the browsing history appears only in the default windows. But in the case of DuckDuckGo, it will not save your searches. Not only that, when you browse through DuckDuckGo, but it will also connect you to the relevant websites that are encrypted. As such, others will not be able to view your search history. Apart from the above, it will also block external trackers and stop them from chasing you online. 

    DuckDuckGo – How does it make money if it does not track?

    Interestingly, DuckDuckGo still makes money even though it does not track the search history of visitors. Let us see how. The search engine shows ads are based on the keywords you type in the search box. And these have no connection with your details like browsing or shopping history or transaction details. 

    As such, you will only see those advertisements related to the keywords you are looking for. 

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    DuckDuckGo browser download – How can you use DuckDuckGo?

    If you are using it on your mobile, open the app store and type in DuckDuckGo. Download this privacy browser app and continue using the app in the same way as you would use Chrome or Safari. A fire icon is present at the bottom center of your app. With the help of this, you can clear all your data. 

    If you are using the desktop version

    Visit and add it to your browser. It is present as a button. If Chrome is the browser you are using, you will be taken to the Chrome Webstore to download the app for free. 

    Few things DuckDuckGo does that Google cannot

    1. While Google and DuckDuckGo both will allow you to create a quick timer, the latter has a stopwatch as well. 
    2. DuckDuckGo can help you in generating passwords. Go to Password 20 for selecting the same. You can replace the password later.
    3. In the case of social media bio, DuckDuckGo will allow you to view social media profiles without your need to leave the search engine. This feature is, however, present in Google Plus. 

    To wrap it up, you can try out DuckDuckGo to find out whether whatever they are claiming is true by trying out the browser for yourself.

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