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    Dune Analytics and Its Importance for the Investors

    What is Dune Analytics?

    Dune Analytics can be understood as an open-source data service that allows anybody to post and view real-time virtual currency trends. In 2018, founded by Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen, this crypto data analytics is an Ethereum-based statistical platform that enables on-chain blockchain data to be accessible and usable. It’s open-source and free to utilise, which means anyone may upload and access crypto datasets without going through a rigorous registration procedure or paying a fee.

    Dune Analytics produces Web 3.0 data available to the general public. Initially, the founders created a tool to examine a few dozen real Ethereum smart deal products. Since then, the crypto investment organisation has developed tremendously and delivers cryptocurrency data analytics.

    The system’s customer base has also increased dramatically. When the service first launched, it was just a playground for data nerds and aficionados. Dune Analytics now offers a wide range of crypto data analytics to a vast customer base, including established businesses and start-ups.

    Unique features of Dune Analytics

    Its data is freely accessible and remixable. Personnel at Dune Analytics aren’t the only individuals that generate data sets for individual programs, unlike at most the other organisations. Instead, it provides a sophisticated interface and dashboard to analyse complex data.

    Traders, strategists, and fans make up Dune’s thriving community, which saves and shares the data analytics with the rest of the world. The data can be blended and repurposed in this open approach to fulfil the needs of anyone. Many people refer to it as the Github of data analytics.

    Dune includes blockchains like Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Gnosis Chain and Optimism, and any smart contract constructed on these crypto platforms. Dune analytics utilises Structured Query Language (SQL) to represent the data on any user’s requests.

    By selecting the ‘new query’ option, everyone can construct inquiries. The user may require some SQL understanding to build the queries on the platform. Dune analytics offers a higher monthly subscription for $390 (Rs. 27,787). The membership fee allows users to circumvent the search queue and conduct multiple queries concurrently. Users can also retain the confidential dashboards and export crypto investment data as comma-separated values (CSV) files.

    Significance of Dune Analytics for investors

    From digital currencies to DAOs, accurate real-time information and data can assist investors in tracking prospective financial assets. Many crypto firms and protocols have datasets, including Uniswap, Argent, Compound, ConsenSys, and Messari. As the investors look to fund a new project or cryptocurrency of their choice, they can stay up to current on modifications and currency actions with pinpoint accuracy. Investors will be able to get the information they need with utmost precision.

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