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    You must have noticed that Google Doodle to Angelo Moriondo. When you help yourself to a cup of coffee from the espresso machine, the invention can be attributed to Angelo Moriondo. The patent traces back to 1884.

    His is a family of inventors.

    Born on June 6th, 1851, in Italy, his family has many entrepreneurs. The credit for setting up a liquor production company goes to his grandfather. And this family business was passed down to Angelo’s father. However, later on, he set up the much-acclaimed company known for its tasty chocolates, Moriondo and Gariglio. At the time of his death, Angelo Moriondo age was 63.

    When was Angelo Moriondo Espresso Machine presented?

    For the first time, the invention of Angelo Moriondo, namely, the espresso coffee machine, was displayed at the General Expo at Turin in 1884. At this event, he has the credit of winning a bronze medal. The combination of boiling water and steam effectively brewed the coffee. Following this event, he won the patent, which was awarded to him for six years in 1884 on May 16th. The title that won the patent was a gist of a quote, meaning it stood as a new steam machine for the instant and affordable confection of coffee as a beverage. And then, it was mentioned that the method was invented by Angelo Moriondo.

    More about the Angelo Morinodo espresso coffee machine

    A mechanic named Martina built the machine. Moriondo himself supervised the same. However, A Morinodo did not take the invention to an industrial level production. Instead, he restricted the invention to hand-built machines. As such, the Google Doodle paid tribute to Angelo Moriondo on his 171st birthday.

    Significance of Angelo Moriondo’s invention

    When Angelo Morindo invented this coffee machine, coffee had already become an integral part of the coffee culture in Italy. And over the years, the number of coffee houses dotted across Italy and became widespread across Europe. Angelo Moriondo Espresso Machine became extremely useful and beneficial.

    Although coffee was a much sought-after beverage, getting an instant coffee within minutes was not easy. To address this problem, Angelo Moriondo sowed the seeds only to reap the benefits later. He could assess that this was the best opportunity to cater to coffee lovers, and as such, his discovery came to be one of the revolutionary ideas of that time.

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