Explore Some of the Best Reselling Apps in India

    As the world is becoming more and more about mobile, the need for mobile apps is also increasing. With this growing demand, there are many mobile online reselling apps emerging in the market. This article lists some of these top reselling apps in India and their features. There are a lot of apps out there that allow you to resell your items. Some reselling apps are Poshmark, Letgo, Mercari, and OfferUp. They all have different features that make them stand out from the other apps.

    For example, Poshmark is a reselling app that allows you to sell clothes and accessories focusing on fashion and style. This app has been around for quite some time now, and it has made a lot of people very successful by reselling their items.

    Another reselling app is Mercari which lets people sell their items quickly because they don’t need to wait for buyers to message them back or email them back with questions about the item they want to buy. Here is the list of some of the best online reselling apps in India

    Popular reselling apps to consider

    • Meesho 

    It is a newly invented reselling app in 2015, specifically for women like homemakers who want to start their own business even after taking care of house chores. On Meesho reselling app, you can easily resell any product, like clothes and beauty accessories. Along with this, there are many other formulas available for money-making. 

    • OLX India

    One of the oldest reselling apps in India. In India, OLX introduced the concept of reselling in 2006, and ever since then, it has been the best platform for reselling any products you want. One of the key features of this reselling app is its in-app chat service which is quite rare in any other reselling app. 

    • eBay

    eBay has been mainly introduced as an e-commerce platform, but it also works as an online reselling app. This platform even came before the OLX. It was founded in 1995. Users can buy and resell products like apparel, electronics, and cars. 

    • Shop 101

    It is one of the first Indian original online reselling apps. A unique feature is that it provides multilingual options and is a perfect feature for Indian multicultural people. This reselling app not only helps you to resell a wide range of products like personal care, electronics, and clothing but also offers attractive cashback.  

    • Cartlay

    It is a tremendous reselling app if you want to resell your product through social media platforms. It will enable you quickly resell your products via Facebook and Instagram. It has a fast shipping system and allows you to get back your product within two days. It also provides high security to safeguard your data and information. 

    • 5miles 

    One of the best straightforward and convenient reselling apps. This reselling app mainly helps to resell products for urban people to resell their old products at a reasonable price. Rural people may find it not that helpful. But for urban people, 24*7 customer service is available, and identity verification makes the platform safe.

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