FAU-G aka Fearless and United Guards

    The action game FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards, which premiered on the play store for android users on January 26, 2021, after many predictions and delays, has received negative feedback from users. FAU-G reviews on Google Play were bombarded by several PUBG fans, claiming that it isn’t up to the expectancy with the government-banned game. As a result of the widespread criticism, the FAU-G rating has dropped from 4.5 to 3.2 stars.

    The number of one-star ratings for FAU-G on Google Play has increased significantly. Many of the one-star reviews are especially about an experience that the gamers felt to be lacking in comparison to their expectation. But many of the one-star reviews were comparing FAU-G to PUBG Mobile.

    ‘I expected that it would take the place of PUBG, but after playing it, everything was clear, it is no way near PUBG and it’s the worst game I ever played on the play store. One of the users who gave FAU-G a one-star rating wrote on Google play.

    FAU-G surpassed five million downloads in less than a week after its release, making it the most popular free game on Google Play. The game still holds the top spot on Google Play, despite a high amount of negative reviews.

    Even after all the hype it got and for good reasons. It was supposed to fill the gap of PUBG Mobile under the Made-in-India campaign. With such a market opportunity and a chance to grab all the users of PUBG Mobile, it failed to impress us even after the involvement of Bollywood Star ‘Akshay Kumar’.

    Its Mostly Close Combat

    FAU-G is currently a close-combat game, contrary to popular notion. The majority of the action consists of fist punches and kicks, as well as homemade weapons with names like “Lalkaar” and “Tandav.” This quickly distinguishes it from PUBG and other action games, which focus more on shooting.

    FAU-G has a straightforward linear narrative in which you follow a trail from checkpoint to checkpoint while avoiding opponents. For the time being, the gameplay is limited to only three elements: movement, strike, and defense. There is no jumping or throwing of weapons. This gave us the impression that

    the game was becoming increasingly repetitious as it progressed. There is nothing new to try out after hand-held weapons are introduced.

    Some inspection stations include bonfires, where you can sit and replenish your lost health for a few seconds. However, while the checkpoints are linear, you can also go to an early fire checkpoint to improve your health. This workaround allows you to proceed to each new health checkpoint, no matter whether the last checkpoint has a feast or not.

    faug game

    Dealing with many opponents, who, after the first few missions, would occasionally strike collectively rather than waiting for their moment, is one of the challenges posed in the following stages. Simple methods like going at the opponent with a weapon first and then using it to attack other make progress pretty simple.

    The only other obstacle is a timer in the upper right corner, which you must keep an eye on. If you fail to achieve the time criteria, quests will automatically fail and restart again from the previous checkpoint.

    Poor Combat and Poor Weapons

    FAU- G’s three-button control scheme might be a lot better, especially when it comes to hand-held weaponry. Weapons you obtain after defeating such opponents will similarly barely survive a few strikes before disappearing.

    faug game combat

    Though this is hard, the fact that weapons just get a few strikes remaining in them and cannot be swapped using new weapons, regardless if they are there next to you, is extremely aggravating. Instead, gamers would have to go out and find additional foes, burn up the weapon’s remaining strikes, and then return to pick up the newly restored weapons. This took a long time as well.

    Identical to several other video games, picking up weaponry is as simple as stepping over them. Picking up weapons or transitioning from weapons back to fists and likewise while being in a fight, on the other hand, was nearly impossible in our experience. Furthermore, using the analog control on the left to switch between foes you’re striking while in combat is difficult, since the player often appears to strike and attack just those closest to him, regardless of whatever path you want to send him in.

    Soldiers who are prepared to strike you will glow red for a second before the attack, allowing you to strike first and negate their initiative. In most circumstances, this renders the ‘defend’ button worthless. It would have been wonderful to have a counter-attacking mechanism where users could block an incoming attack and transition into a counter-attacking combo.

    fauz game graphics

    Also, there is a distinct lack of variety here. After a few hours of gameplay, you’ll find yourself facing precisely the very same enemies on the same territory, utilizing the same strategies and fighting techniques. Apart from changing character and weapon skins, there isn’t much to do in the game.

    Graphics and Storyline

    Players may encounter sequences that are at times abrupt and unexpected as they go through the gameplay. However, the drawn sequences, which are typically lengthy, can be avoided. Even if there are no sequences, gamers will hear motivating comments from their character, such as “Apne bhaiyo ko bachana mera farz hai” that are pleasant at first but quickly become redundant.

    The game’s graphics, on the other hand, are outstanding for a download size of less than half a gigabyte. On a OnePlus Nord, I tested the gameplay in the maximum possible graphic options offered on Android but was pleasantly surprised by the improved details and continuously flawless performance. Unlike the gameplay, the graphics give the impression that you’re playing a well-made game.

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    In-Game Store

    In addition, FAU-G has an in-game store. Here, fans could buy special products as well as in-game money, which can be used to purchase avatar and weapon skins. The game informs you that 20% of your money will be donated to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ foundation. One can also earn more coins by watching advertisements.

    fauz game store

    Though this is a useful feature, the skins available for purchase are currently limited. As new gaming options become accessible, we should see more elements in the store.


    For me, the FAU-G experience was a mixed bag. The game’s excellent visuals and mobility are overshadowed by its mediocre combat and uninspired, repetitive gameplay approach. Throughout my time with the game, it felt underdeveloped, predictable, and, to put it bluntly, dull.

    However I would not label the game half-baked, I do believe that FAU-G requires more emphasis and polish in terms of actual combat before it can be enjoyed by players except for the first 30 minutes or more.

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