Flash Trade: A New Online Trading Platform Launched by ICICIdirect for F&O

    ICICIdirect launched a futures and options (F&O) trading module called Flash Trade. By assisting traders more easily seeing their whole deal on charts and allowing them to create time-based exit criteria so that losses are limited and profits are booked, this tool claims to provide a comparatively safer environment for trading options.

    ICICIdirect has introduced a platform that makes it simple and convenient to complete quick trades as regular investors increasingly resort to derivatives trading.

    What is the Flash Trade App?          

    With its unique “Up” and “Down” action buttons, “Flash Trade” enables traders to deal in a single click while providing a safer atmosphere for trading options. It helps traders see their entire trade on charts in a straightforward manner. To limit losses and book profits, traders can create time-based exit restrictions.

    Flash Trade provides all the functions, including Orders, Positions, Profit & Loss, and Charts, on a single screen to provide a single-screen trading experience. The software features a “Time-based exit function” that guarantees deals are squared off at their scheduled time, instilling discipline, and allows users to customise the entire trade setup of the screen.

    More on ICICIdirect New Launches Online Stock Broker

    Young traders and investors have started entering the Indian capital market in huge numbers. Many of these new traders need direction, support, and tools to help them manage the risks involved in trading and investing. ICICIdirect, an app and online trading platform for investments, insurance, and lending products, announced the debut of Flash Trade, a novel offering tailored to the needs of these traders and investors and the greater trading and investment community.

    The platform’s introduction coincides with a period of expansion for demat accounts nationwide. Maharashtra has the most investors in the market (2.31 crore), primarily because Mumbai is the state’s financial centre. Gujarat is next in line. Brokerage firms allow traders to set time-based exit rules to minimize losses and maximize profits.

    In contrast, SEBI chief Madhabi Puri Buch stated that retail investors have the full right to trade as they like despite mounting worries about speculation in the derivatives markets raised by retail F&O traders.

    Flash Trade is easy to use and visually represents the trade’s risk, profitability, and drawdown. The entire trading process is made simpler, and sophisticated analysis tools are also available for experienced traders.

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