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    GIVA Jewellery – Turn to Silver for Exquisite Jewellery Designs

    Giva allows you to access authentic silver jewellery. It has the vision to design and make jewellery that is elegant and can be easily accessed. Set up in 2019, Giva has taken giant strides in creating silver jewellery and has become the country’s leading natural diamond and silver jewellery brand. More about Giva jewellery is in the paragraphs that follow.

    GIVA Jewellery Online Shopping

    But why do you want to spend your hard-earned money on buying Giva jewellery online shopping? There are a few reasons you do not waste your money when purchasing from here. Instead, it is an attractive investment. They are-

    1. The silver that is crafted is with 925 sterling silver. As such, you can bank upon it for quality. The value of your jewellery will retain its value always.
    2. You get an Authenticity Certificate. The Giva jewellery you buy comes with an authenticity certificate that verifies the purity and validates the precious jewellery.
    3. Warranty for 6 months – There is a guarantee for 6 months, especially for the plating on all the jewellery products you buy.
    4. Packaging – The packing is so beautiful that it will surely bring a smile to your face.
    5. Delivery at your doorstep – Since it is a doorstep delivery, it is convenient for you and arrives fast after a secure checkout. As far as refund policy is concerned, there is a 30-day no question asked return policy. The mode of payment includes cash and card. Delivery is insured. As such, there is nothing more that you can ask for from this jewellery startup. Ranging from affordable Giva jewellery earrings to expensive ones, you will perhaps be spoilt for choice when selecting silver jewellery.

    According to the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Giva, Ishendra Agarwal, the options are limited when it comes to silver jewellery in the range between INR 500 and INR 15,000. And according to the CEO, Giva tries to bridge the gap between these two ranges by offering a well-crafted sterling silver jewellery collection.

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