Goa: The Destinations for Best Beaches in India!

    If you are finally planning that trip with friends to the best beaches in Goa, then you have come to the right place. Goa is such a place, where one can have fun for days. There are so many activities available, that even a whole month or maybe a whole life will not be sufficient. Goa may be one of India’s smallest states, but it has more beaches than any other coastal region of the world. Consider swaying trees, endless patches of gleaming gold beaches, and gentle azure waves to soothe the pressures of travel in India.

    If you ask me how many beaches are in Goa, then there is no definite answer to that. Goa is an easy holiday destination to add to every trip to India, as it is just an hour and 15 minutes away by air from Mumbai. Goa has some of the best beaches in India, because of the amount of fun and party that one can have. Read more here.

    Morjim Beach:

    Morjim is one of the best beaches in Goa. It has a wilder, more rustic vibe than the rest of the county. It’s a peaceful haven with beach huts and sunbeds where you can unwind for hours. Morjim Beach has a cute nickname called “Little Russia” as many Russians stay there. Its proliferation of Russian restaurants will provide a welcome break from the rest of Goa’s beach cuisine. Checking out the wildlife is one of the most famous activities to do in Morjim Goa Beach. A plethora of feathered birds, such as kingfishers, bay-backed shrikes, cuckoos, and sand plovers, converge to create a birdwatcher’s paradise. Olive Ridley sea turtles can be seen swimming around the beach, providing rare photo opportunities. Beaches in Goa have a lot of activities and these are just a few. Morjim Beach

    Colva Beach:

    Colva, one of Goa’s most popular beaches, draws a large number of visitors during peak season (mid-November to mid-February), and for good reason. This beach in south Goa has several adventure sports such as banana boating, parasailing, and also jet skiing. The sand that’s as gentle and white as baby powder and has well-developed tourist attractions that can accommodate thousands of visitors. Colva Beach is a popular destination for Indian visitors, so if you’re looking for a unique experience on a beach in Goa, this is the place to go. The homestays can provide an authentic experience to travelers. Colva Beach

    Palolem Beach:

    Palolem Beach has some of the most unique accommodations in Goa. Locals prefer eco-tourism and have built several coco huts for tourists. The rustic vibes of Goa’s finest beaches can be felt dedicated to comfy chairs on the sand and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make the most of your time at Palolem Beach, which is one of the best beaches in Goa by participating in one of the many activities available. One can have fun all night at the silent discos and also stretch themselves out at the various yoga workshops. Also, try traditional Goan flavors at one of Palolem Beach’s many well-known restaurants.

    Palolem Beach

    Vagator Beach:

    Vagator beach is also a party destination among all goa beaches, but it is quieter compared to Anjuna beach and others. Tourists will find a host of attractions here, including acclaimed cafes that appeal to all nutritional needs, shops brimming with enticing souvenirs, and Goa beach shacks stocked with everything you’ll need for a day of beach and surf. If you walk all the way to the end of Vagator Beach in Goa, you’ll come across one of Goa’s most beautiful sights: the head of a Hindu god cut into a boulder on the beach. Worshippers often drape marigold garlands and add different colours to the sculpture. One also visit the famous Chapora Fort which is close to the beach. Its hilltop place gives calming views of the harbour.

    Vagator Beach

    Calangute Beach:

    Calangute is one of the best foreigner-friendly beaches in Goa. The “Queen of Beaches” (as it’s also known) provides the quintessential Goa beach experience, complete with plenty of lounge chairs, gentle waves, and plenty of sunshine. At this beach in Goa, gorge on seafood and drink ice soft drinks from the many beautiful beach shacks by the beach. You can book adventurous activities on Calangute Beach from here, such as snorkelling and dolphin-watching tours, banana boat rides, and sailing. Souvenirs such as wooden arts and crafts, textiles, precious metal, and peacock feather necklaces are available for purchase on these beaches in Goa.

    Calangute Beach

    Anjuna Beach:

    Anjuna Beach is a popular destination for tourists seeking a glimpse of the 1960s hippie trail. The beach in Goa is a classic, with plenty of space for sunbathing on the golden sand and watching palm trees sway in the wind. The funky beach restaurants and live music venues pulsate with the destination’s bohemian spirit. One should not miss the famous flea market which goes live every Wednesday. New tea leaves, woven garments, wooden goddess statues, and a plethora of tchotchkes can all be found in the vast alfresco tourist bazaar. Anjuna falls under one of the best beaches in Goa where one can stay and have fun at.

    Anjuna Beach

    Candolim Beach:

    Candolim Beach in Goa has the classic strip of sand with beach shacks and cafés that any tourist in Goa desires. Baga Cove, which is close by, draws more tourists, making Candolim Beach delightfully calm and spectacularly gorgeous. It’s a warm and welcoming environment with just enough growth to keep guests relaxed and entertained. Plan to stay at Candolim Beach for a whole day. Throughout the day, you’ll be able to see the ocean of the beach in Goa fade into varying colours of blue, green, and white. Grab a nice viewing point to see the horizon turn into a mosaic of colours.

    Arambol Beach:

    Arambol was once a sleepy fishing village amongst the beaches of Goa, but it has since been turned into a haven for free spirits thanks to backpackers. Most visitors, on the other hand, supplement their itineraries with a variety of soulful activities at Arambol Beach. When it comes to surfing, Arambol Beach is a close second to Agonda. All goa beaches are found in a single line. Surf Wala, a Goa-based international surf academy, provides one- to five-day lessons for groups and individuals. Surf Wala also sells surfboard, bodyboard, and fin rentals.

    Galgibaga Beach:

    Galgibaga is one of Goa’s cleanest beaches, with almost no economic space. Everyone can carry a good and heavy picnic lunch with them and enjoy sitting on the edge of the sea with their friends or family. Carry enough water to last the whole day, there are no beach huts to replenish your provisions, and the heat can be intense.

    Galgibaga Beach

    This is everything one needs to know about the best beaches in Goa. Plan the best trip ever with your friends and go for the best adventure of your life.

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