Google Ventures Invests in India’s Leading Mobile Point of Sale App Meesho

    Meesho is an app that helps anyone turn their small business into a successful one. The process is simple: Create your own Shopify store Choose products to sell Connect your social media accounts, and immediately engage your followers with the help of Meesho’s smart tools. This Indian e-commerce app was founded in 2015 by two IIT Delhi Graduates Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey.

    With Meesho, individuals can easily start selling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, or any other social network they desire. Individuals can then take orders via direct messaging or email. Customers can pay through cash-on-delivery or by using credit cards without leaving their homes. Meesho App is an online marketplace app where every seller can list their products for free.

    It helps in selling digital products, services, vouchers, and much more to buyers. The buyers can also buy these products with the help of the Meesho app which makes it easy for them to pay through their bank accounts or debit cards. It does not require any investment for listing your product on this platform. The sellers will be getting a commission on each sale made through this application. It has got an amazing feature of chat support so that the buyers can directly ask any question related to the product.

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    Meesho Business Model

    Meesho is a mobile-based social commerce platform. It has been designed to help people discover and create content for their social media accounts, and connect them with brands in the process. The app will allow users to spend less time on tedious tasks like designing graphics, taking photos, creating videos, etc., and make more time available for other important activities. This also means that they will be able to do all these things from one place, i.e., from a mobile device. The app will provide a wide range of features that will help users in creating content for their personal use as well as sharing it.

    The E-commerce business model is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. With e-commerce, anyone can scale their business with almost no limitations. The E-commerce business model is similar to other business models. For instance, if you are selling a product online, you will still have to make money. The only difference lies in the place where you sell your products or services. You can either sell it through your website or through other websites like Etsy, eBay, etc.

    Similarly, Meesho also has its own unique business model which differentiates it from the other e-commerce businesses in the Indian market. The main target audience of Meesho is housewives who want to build up their careers with small start-ups. Meesho introduced its business in the Indian market with the concept of helping housewives to earn money and become independent. With this concept and other facilities, within a very short time, Meesho increased its revenue in the market and expanded its business. Here are the key components of the Meesho business model.


    Meesho helps small businesses to reach maximum targeted audiences through social media platforms as well as help them to deliver their products and services with Meesho’s delivery services. However, Meesho takes a good amount of delivery charges from its clients. However, currently, Meesho is working on how to effectively reduce this delivery charge without hampering the business profit. But their delivery services such as delivery timing, maintaining product quality, all are high quality which increases customer satisfaction as well as brand value.

    Rank Push

    Meesho provides a wide range of facilities and high-quality services along with safety and security to its clients. Therefore, the number of sellers on Meesho is increasing rapidly. Automatically, it increases the business revenue of Meesho.


    It is one of the main income sources of Meesho. Meesho takes commissions from the sellers/clients. Meesho takes 10% to 20% commission on the products sold by the sellers. The commission depends on the product variation.

    Selling of Data

    Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Meesho provides a sufficient amount of in-depth data and information associated with products, services, and sellers. However, it does not violate any privacy policy. This technique of Meesho increases customer trust as well as its business.

    Google is Looking to Invest in Meesho Online

    Google’s parent company Alphabet has invested $10 million in Meesho, a social commerce platform. This investment will help Google to compete with Amazon and Facebook who also have their marketplace model. Meesho allows users to set up their shop on the app and list products that can be bought using its virtual currency called “Meepay”. Meesho then receives a commission from each sale made through the platform. The company claims that it will soon launch an English version of the app as well as new features for business owners and an option to use credit cards. With the advent of AI, Google has invested in many companies that are developing chatbots or other conversational technologies. The difference between Meesho and these others is that Meesho uses artificial intelligence to help businesses succeed with sales on social media channels like Facebook Messenger. This is a new way for businesses to interact with customers, and it may prove very profitable, especially for SMEs with limited resources.

    Meesho has provided a wide range of benefits to build a small online business for approximately 13 million entrepreneurs with zero investment. As reported by TechCrunch, Google has invested $10 million in Meesho, which was initially decided by Google was $50 million, however, Meesho declined that much of an investment. The concept of helping aspiring women is an attractive and modest idea for developing a business that has taken Meesho this far. Currently, Meesho is aiming to turn into an individual ecosystem that empowers every small business in the Indian market to gain success in the online platforms with the support of its key investors such as Facebook, Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank, and now Google.

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