How to Apply Online Universal Pass for Travel in 2023?

    As more Covid Restrictions are being implemented, the Maharashtra government is now introducing Universal Pass for Travel. Applying for a Maharashtra Travel Pass online is possible at This website, created by the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority, allows all citizens to apply for Universal Passes.

    Only citizens who are linked to critical services and eligible may obtain a travel pass with a QR code. In conclusion, you may get information on the Maha Universal Travel Pass Application, the Universal Travel Pass Registration 2023 Form Link, and the Universal Pass Application Steps in this post below.

    Apply Online for a Universal Travel Pass 2023

    Following the third wave of the COVID pandemic, the Maharashtra Government began the Online Universal Travel Pass Application Form 2023. Maharashtra has accepted the numerous restrictions that are in place in all of the similar states.

    People who work for Essential Services can now obtain a Universal Travel Pass that gives them freedom of movement throughout the State. To obtain the Covid Pass, apply for the Universal Travel Pass online at https //

    It is beneficial because weekend and night curfews are in place along with the Covid booster dose, and you might need it to complete crucial tasks. In the paragraphs below, you may obtain additional details regarding the Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2023, the universal pass Maharashtra Online Application, and the Universal Travel Pass Eligibility. The Universal Pass does not need to be printed; you can present the e-ticket stored on your mobile device.

    2023 Universal Pass UTP Application Form

    After submitting an online application, you can get the epass Maharashtra at In Maharashtra, obtaining a Universal Travel Pass is pretty simple, and anyone connected to essential services like healthcare, utilities, or education is eligible to apply. A universal Travel Pass is also required for those working in critical services, such as the health department

    Eligibility for the Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass 2023

    Before registering, applicants must ensure they meet the Maharashtra universal pass download requirements in 2023 listed below. So that your Universal Travel Pass for Maharashtra for 2023 will be accepted.

    • You must be employed in the healthcare, education, or utility services industries
    • Second, you must submit an online application at
    • After that, ensure you have the proper identification needed to obtain a Universal Pass.
    • Only states bordering Maharashtra and Maharashtra may use this pass.
    • With the aid of this Pass, you can move around freely, and since it is based on a QR Code, you can only store it on your mobile device.

    Steps for How to Download a Universal Pass for Travel From the Website

    For home delivery of your Universal Travel Pass, follow the steps listed below:

    • To continue, go to and select universal travel pass download.
    • Second, on the following page, enter your mobile number.
    • Enter your employment information after that to continue.
    • Finally, press the Submit button and wait for the Maha Universal Pass to be approved by the authorities.
    • You can finally download the UTP Universal Travel Pass.


    People who work in Maharashtra’s Essential Services and frequently travel outside. These individuals in Maharashtra can apply for the Maha Universal Pass for Travel and have it printed. This is generated online at and is QR-based. Finally, you can obtain this Maha Travel Pass online after applying according to your qualifications.

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