How to Convert PDF to JPG?

    Since you found this article, you are probably interested in converting PDF to JPG. Some of us are probably asking ourselves why we do this. Why change files from PDF to JPG when PDF is better compressed and has a different use than JPG? However, in some situations, converting PDF to JPG can come in handy.

    Why do we need a program to change PDF to JPG and vice versa? Conversion from JPG to PDF can be helpful, for example, when we want to use a PDF document as a background for a presentation or present a specific fragment without opening the entire document. It may also be needed when viewing a given document on a device that does not support the PDF format (e.g., on a smartphone). And also when we want to share something on Social Media channels.

    Convert PDF to JPG online

    How to convert PDF to JPG? The simplest solution is to convert PDF to JPG online. We can do it using an online PDF to JPG converter. The SwifDoo PDF online is such an online converter. The service allows you to convert PDF to JPG and vice versa. It is very intuitive to use – just upload the file you want to convert from PDF to JPG, select the output format, and download the converted file on your local computer. Converting PDF to JPG will take less than a minute.

    The opposite situation to those described above is converting JPG to PDF online. What do we do when we need such a conversion? Again, we can still use the SwifDoo PDF online converters – they usually support more than one format.

    Program to convert PDF to JPG – SwifDoo PDF

    By default, Windows does not have a program installed to convert PDF to JPG; it only has a built-in program to open JPG files by default. Of course, there are many free programs on the Internet with which we can convert PDF to JPG. So why did this advice come about? First, not everyone has programs to open PDF files, and converting PDF to JPG can be even more difficult.

    How do you convert a PDF to a JPG file with a dedicated PDF converter? The program mentioned above will handle this task. It is also possible to export the file to PDF format; such an option is offered by, for example, the PDF to Word – after installing the SwifDoo PDF editor, the program changes PDF to JPG – text created in doc format. We can save it with one click as a PDF document.

    SwifDoo PDF is a small but feature-rich application. You can add comments and annotations to documents and add various types of objects. But that’s different from what we’re interested in now, only export to JPG. So we open the program and click PDF to Image. In the next window, we can import the PDF file you want to convert to a JPG file. The last step is to click the Start button to finish the quick conversion.

    SwifDoo PDF

    Final words

    Why do we even want to convert PDF to JPG? The answer lies in a way of reading that is supposed to be more comfortable for us. To read a PDF file, we need an additional application in the system or a mobile phone and a plug-in in a web browser.

    Some programs take a long time to start and consume many system resources. Microsoft Office copes much better with JPG; e.g., PowerPoint loads images faster than embedded PDF files. Therefore, in some cases, converting PDF to JPG can be the solution we are looking for.

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