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    How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files – Are there suitable tools?

    YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos related to any subject or topic. So, if you want to listen to your favorite song or podcast in audio format, you must be able to use the mp3 files of those videos. How can you convert YouTube to Mp3

    YouTube video to Mp3 – What tools can you use?

    You will enjoy the videos on YouTube in the background only if you have a premium membership. But if you do not have one? Since two tools can act as a YouTube to mp3 converter, there is no need to worry. 

    You can hear your best music or a scene from a movie if you can download the mp3 file of the video, and you can listen to it with the screen locked as well. So, let us go through the steps here. 

    1. Using a browser 

    You can convert a YouTube video easily by using a browser. This is the best method to convert YouTube video to mp3 because you will not need a third-party app. The website “YoutubetoMp3converter” is one of the better converters with the help of which you can convert into audio files without compromising on quality. Follow these steps

    • First, you visit the YoutubetoMp3converter site go to the search box.
    • Paste the link to the video you want to convert in this search box.
    • Click on the convert button.
    • You will see “File Size” and “File Type” options there. Click on “Download” beside the file size.
    • Now the Mp3 file is ready for playing. 

    Aside from the above method, with the help of which, you can change video to Mp3. The browser is one of the tools with which you will be able to perform the method mentioned above.

    2. Using Tubemate

    If you are not comfortable using the browser option, Tubemate can come to your rescue. If you are using an Android phone, use the TubeMate Downloader. Download YouTube video to Mp3 for the Android run device in the following manner-

    • Open the browser and type in
    • Select the downloading source
    • You must then click on the Download button to install the apk file.
    • Download the “Video MP3 Converter” from the Play Store. By doing so, an extension is created that will help download mp3 files from the YouTube videos. 
    • Then run the Tubemate app and look for the video you plan to convert into mp3
    • When you see the red download button at the bottom right-hand corner, touch the screen, and you have to select the Mp3 on a new screen.
    • You will see a menu and select the output format in which you would like the video to be downloaded.
    • Select Mp3, 128k and click on the red download button again
    • Accept all pop-ups
    • Once downloaded, it gets saved on your phone. 

    3. YTMp3

    If you are interested in converting YouTube videos to Mp3 online, use YTMp3. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. With this tool, a 90-minute video can be converted into MP3. Follow these steps below-

    • First, go to YTMp3. Choose the Mp3 option. Next, copy-paste the URL of YouTube that you are planning to convert and download. Then click on convert.
    • The next step is to click on the “Download” button to download the file you have converted.

    4. iTubeGo

    This is a tool with the help of which you can convert YouTube files into any file format, which means you can change it to Mp3. The file format you wish to convert into depends on the compatibility of the devices.

    • This tool allows you to save your downloaded file with the help of a password.
    • It is equipped with a built-in browser.
    • You will be able to cut the audios and videos
    • It supports as many as 10000 plus websites

    5. WinX Video Converter

    WinX HD Video Converter has functionalities that serve as a downloader and resizer. This tool supports YouTuvem, Vimeo, Facebook, and other platforms.

    • This tool helps you to import any video from a source or device.
    • More than 370 inputs are supported.
    • It will also allow you to prepare a slideshow with the photos or the files you download.

    If you are using iPhone, you can use the MyMp3 app or Video to MP3 Converter app if you are using iPhone.

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