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    How to Get Google AdSense Approval – Important Aspects to Understand

    How do you ensure that you are accepted to AdSense when applying for the first time? We will discuss the same later, but before that, you already know that Google AdSense is one of the most effective ways to make money virtually since it is easy to use and, above all, is managed by the search engine giant directly.

    How to Get Google AdSense Approval?

    You must know these things before applying for an AdSense account.  Remember, these are the eligibility criteria for getting a Google AdSense approval.

    1. You need to understand how AdSense works, and do not forget to go through the policies governing the same.
    2. You must have a content-rich website that complies with the AdSense policies.
    3. The AdSense account must be at least six months old if you are applying from India, China, or Pakistan.
    4. Applying for Google AdSense approval makes sense when you have at least 100 visitors daily.
    5. Having a Gmail account that you have been using is essential. You can also use a YouTube account if you have one.
    6. You must be 18 years and above to apply for AdSense approval.
    7. You will have only one AdSense account. If it gets suspended, you cannot create a new one and must look for an alternative.

    Regarding the Google AdSense approval time, it can take a few days, but it can mostly be anywhere between 2 weeks and four weeks.

    Last but not least, whatever content you have on your website, it is essential to understand that it must agree with the AdSense policies and cannot deviate at any point.

    The Google AdSense Application Process

    The application process is usually divided into two phases, the first one is automatic, and the second one usually involves manual assistance.

    Once you are sure you are eligible to apply for one, go to the URL

    You must decide which account you want to use. Some prefer to have a separate Google account for AdSense, but you must also have access to the Analytics and Google webmaster tools. The aim is to connect all tools and share statistical data for AdSense metrics.

    You must add the URL of the website for which you want to add AdSense. The final step is filling in details of your country, name, account type, address, and time zone. Once filled in the details, you can submit the same. You get a reply within one business day.

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