How to Make Your Laptop Work faster

    In the current era, technology has been developing rapidly which has a greater contribution to living comfortable life every day with the help of advanced and innovative technology. Technology has surrounded people like nothing. Anywhere an individual looks can find a technological device that is making life easier and more convenient to live. It can be starting from electricity which people need these days for everything to run a household up to digital gadgets like computer, mobile, laptops and various others.

    Is laptop more used than a desktop?

    One of the greatest contributions of technology is the computer. A computer has a wide range of contributions in various fields starting from business to education. However, it is a well-known fact that a computer requires several parts to work properly such as keyboard, CPU, mouse and many others components. And this had made it hard for individuals to operate the device when they are not at home or at their office, where the computer has been set up. Considering all these issues along with many others, advanced and innovative technology has gifted mankind with an advanced form of computer, known as a laptop. A laptop is a compact version of a computer. A laptop has everything within itself including every feature which a computer has. The laptop only needs an external charger to power itself, and nothing else. It will provide as many facilities as a computer can. A smaller device compared to a computer and does all the works a computer can do, and there are no downfalls, that is not true. As laptops provide a heavy-duty, it also tends to get slower day by day, gradually, if not taken care of properly. One of the most common issues faced by laptop users is that it gets really slow after a certain time and does not work properly. If conduct thorough research it can be observed that the most questions asked by the users are how to speed up a slow laptop; how to make laptops run faster; how can I make my laptop faster; or how to speed up an old laptop.

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    How to make laptops run faster or speed up a laptop?

    The mechanism of a laptop is quite complicated and not possible for an individual without proper engineering and technical knowledge to understand it efficiently. Therefore, for the new laptop users, initially, it may seem like it is quite hard to understand why the laptop is working slow after a sudden and how to fix it. Well yes, it is a little bit complex to understand why a laptop gets slower after a few days of working, but there are several ways are available by which an individual can make the laptop run faster.

    Every time when you start a laptop, a wide range of applications starts along with the laptop, which you won’t be able to see on your laptop’s screen but internally it happens every time you open your laptop. It is one of the main reasons for a laptop to get slow. So, in order to solve this issue and to run the laptop faster here are some ways which can help.

    i) Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then click on the Task manager then click on startup (on the top bar) disable all the unwanted applications which you don’t need (example – Google, Firefox, opera, idm etc.)

    ii) Turning off the animation makes the laptop run faster and in order to do so, this is what need to do,
    Open control panel go to the system advanced system settings click on advance click on settings click on custom then turn off all the animations

    iii) Another easy way to make a laptop faster is Disk Cleanup. Here is the process,

    Press the window button search Disk Cleanup select the drive you want to clean (mostly C drives)now select what you want to clean (recycle bin, temporary files, etc.) then delete the files.
    These are the safest ways to clean the laptop without disabling any internal functions of the laptop which may harm the performance of the device. However, these are some ways that will be helpful if the laptop is new and the user has not worked too much with the laptop yet. For the older laptops, along with all these above-mentioned steps, there are several other things that need to be done to make an older laptop faster.

    How to make an older laptop faster?

    Windows update is one of the main activities to make an old laptop faster than ever. As discussed, technology is developing rapidly and with each passing day with innovative ideas and technical development, a wide range of windows have now been introduced in the market. Older laptops give automatic notifications for Windows Updates. Notice the notification and update your laptop. It is very necessary to make an older laptop faster. If it seems like a complicated job to do, take help from any technical professionals.

    Keep deleting unnecessary files. An older laptop automatically starts to collect many junks, caches, and unused files. Keep removing and cleaning these files from the laptop frequently. It will make it a lot easier and smooth for the laptop to give its best performance.

    – Uninstall the programs that you do not use. But make sure to properly check before deleting any program because on the laptop there are various programs are installed so that the laptop can perform well. These programs may seem like they do not do anything, but they are crucial. So, take help from professionals before doing this activity to make older laptops faster.

    Defragmentation of the hard drive. For this, it is important to know if the laptop has a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a conventional mechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Both works differently and there is no need to defragment SSD. If the laptop has both the only defragment HDD.

    These are the main ways to easily make a laptop faster even an old one. For cases, it may need the help of a professional, but these techniques will definitely make any laptop faster.

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