How To See Mistakenly Deleted Messages On WhatsApp?

    The Delete for Everyone feature that was introduced on WhatsApp will delete messages from both sides, the recipient, and the sender. But even if you have deleted these messages, you will still be able to read the messages by using another application. 

    Ever since this feature was launched, it is used widely by both Android and iPhone users on both platforms. 

    Here, you will be able to know how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp and more in this write-up. 

    How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp – Know the Steps

    Before we get on to the details of the other features, follow these steps to know how to get deleted messages from WhatsApp. 

    1. You can install a third-party app known as “Notification History Log” to read the messages that you have deleted on the messaging app. 
    2. The Notification History Log app is available on Google Play Store. So, you can avail of it for free. 
    3. Once you install it, tap on the Notification History Button so that you can look for a WhatsApp notification. 
    4. You will find the deleted messages under the “android. text”.

    Alternatively, know how to find deleted messages on WhatsApp by installing another app like Nova. When you install it, from the home screen you must long-press so that the widget button becomes active on the home screen. When the widget arrives click on “Activities”. Go to Settings and click on Notification Log. 

    In doing so, a short-cut notification will be created on the home screen. Now you will be able to access the deleted WhatsApp messages that you once lost in the log. 

    Now that you know how to see deleted WhatsApp messages on android, let us find out where they are stored once being deleted. 

    WhatsApp messages get stored in the notification center of the Android system. And you will be able to access them by using third-party apps or custom launchers. 

    When WhatsApp messages are deleted, and you want to read them all over again, you will still be able to do so because the apps you use for the same will access the notification log of the Android system that directs messages to your device. 

    The Delete for Everyone feature was launched in November 2017 and was updated later so that users could delete the messages within a window duration of beyond 7 minutes and 68 minutes deadline. 

    However, there is an important aspect that you must keep in mind while you try to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages. Remember, you might have to take a risk if you want to access deleted messages since WhatsApp does not support it. It is quite likely that your bank details, OTPs, that you might divulge to a third-party app. Also, there is no guarantee or assurance that in the event the sensitive information appears, the same will be safe and intruded into by anyone else. 

    So, unless it is extremely necessary to read the deleted WhatsApp messages, you can as well avoid laying your hands on the deleted messages once again, especially when you have done away with them once and for all.

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