How to Unlist from Truecaller from www.truecaller.unlisting?

    Mobile phones allow users to accept or reject calls by knowing the caller’s identity. The Truecaller app is a favorite among mobile phone users who can use it to know who calls from an unknown number as the caller’s name flashes on the screen when connected. To stay safe and protected from unwanted callers, especially pesky callers, and mischievous entities that try to fool users and steal their identity, the Truecaller app is handy. The app also helps users use the device’s memory optimally by minimizing the number of contacts and saving only the number of essential contacts. However, there is a downside to using Truecaller. Registering your mobile number on Truecaller means that callers will know your identity, which could disrupt your privacy. To de-register from Truecaller, you must log on to www.truecaller.unlisting.

    Services Available on www.truecaller.unlisting

    The Truecaller app and services are a double-edged sword. Users keen to know the identity of unknown callers can do so as the caller’s name flashes on the screen during the calls. It allows users to decide whether to accept or reject the call based on the identity appearing on the screen. On the other hand, registering with Truecaller means that those with similar registration but unknown you would know your identity when they call you. This aspect might not be to everyone’s liking as it affects users’ privacy.

    To suppress your identity to other unknown callers, log on to the web page www.truecaller/unlisting to remove or unlist your name from the Truecaller database. Although the action or request to unlist ensures that your name will no longer be visible to unknown callers, your name will remain in the Truecaller database. Thus, it would be easy for you to activate the services in the future without registering afresh.

    Change Your Name

    Although you can unlist your name from truecaller by availing of the services of truecaller unlist, you can seek a little more time before taking a final call. This is especially true for those in two minds about unlisting their name from truecaller. Understanding the dilemma users face when they decide to quit Truecaller, the app maker allows users to change their names. Since Truecaller discloses the user name only, unlisting would ensure that the name does not appear on the callers’ screens. If the aim is to keep your name private, there is another alternative to unlisting. Truecaller allows users to change their name, which could help conceal their identity while continuing to avail of the services.

    Changing your name is advantageous because while you remain anonymous to others, you can still know the names of unknown callers and stay in control of your mobile identity. It’s a great way to stay away from unwanted communication.

    What Happens When You Unlist from Truecaller?

    Think carefully before you go for truecaller unlist because the process is irreversible. Although the step helps to maintain privacy, you would also not be able to know the identity of unknown callers. You would no longer stay protected from spam, as you would not know the callers’ identity. At the same time, you will also need to find out why someone is calling. In addition, you would not be able to sign up for third-party apps in a single tap.

    The Process of Unlisting and Deactivating Your Phone Number

    • Unlisting by Using Your Device

    Unlisting is easy; you can complete it in a few steps regardless of your Android or iOS OS.

    Android users must tap the profile icon followed by the Settings icon to reach the Privacy Centre.

    iPhone users must tap the profile avatar on the top left-hand corner of the screen, followed by the Settings icon to reach the Privacy Centre.

    Tap on the Deactivate tab under Privacy Centre and confirm your action by choosing the ‘yes’ option to complete the action.

    • Unlisting by Logging on to the Website

    Another way to unlist your name from truecaller is to log on to the web page www.truecaller/unlisting, enter your phone number, enter the Captcha, and then click on the Unlist tab or button.

    Another way to reach the correct webpage is to log on to  www.truecaller.unlisting home page and go ahead with deactivating your phone number.

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