How to Use HI RES Audio Player on iPhone and iPad?

    Apple fully embraces high-resolution audio, providing a sizable percentage of its Apple Music catalogue in this format. Unfortunately, listening to HI RES audio player on an iPhone or iPad is not always easy. Here is what you require.

    Necessary Elements for HI RES Audio Player

    • Increased bit density and pattern rates than typical CD quality audio are found in high-resolution audio, also referred to as hi-res audio. To listen to hi-res music on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll first need some HI RES audio to listen to.
    • Although a substantial amount of Apple music library is available in high definition, there are many other options for high-definition audio on your iPhone. Later, we’ll look at other possibilities.
    • It’s vital to remember that genuine HI RES audio cannot currently be listened to through Bluetooth. Better Bluetooth codecs are available, such as LDAC, but they still compress the music to send it to your headphones or earbuds. 

    How to Use an External Dac on an iPhone and iPad?

    For iPhone

    Currently, Apple’s iPhones all use the Lightning connector. You will thus require a dongle if your external DAC for iPhone doesn’t come with a Lightning cable or adaptor. Whether you require USB 3.0 or not, you can use either the Apple Lightning or USB Camera Adapter.

    This will function with tiny USB-powered DACs. Make sure the battery pack is plugged in if you use a larger DAC with one. Next, connect the USB cord from the DAC to your phone’s adapter and the adaptor.

    Your external DAC should begin functioning as soon as it is plugged in and turned on as long as it is USB-class compliant. Connect your headphones, then begin to listen.

    For iPad

    The iPhone technique mentioned above will also function if you use an iPad with a Lighting port. But a DAC is significantly simpler if you have an iPad with a USB C connection.

    It should function and comes equipped as long as your DAC has a USB-C cable or adaptor. Again, most of these gadgets use class-compliant USB sound, so all you should be required to do is plug in and switch on your DAC.

    Streaming and File Support for High-Resolution Audio

    Streaming services and your personal music collection are the two primary methods for listening to HI RES audio player on an iPhone or iPad. We’ll examine the requirements for using your own high-resolution files, as streaming them is relatively simple.

    Uncompressed WAV and AIFF audio files, AAC, MP3, and ALAC, are all supported by iPhones and iPads. Although the FLAC format is supported by iOS and iPadOS, you cannot use FLAC files in the Music app as you can with ALAC files. The Files app or other third-party music apps are the only places to listen to FLAC.

    Even though Apple actively promotes the HI RES audio player content on Apple Music, it’s just one streaming service that offers lossless audio and high-res content. Amazon Music HD and Tidal provide high-resolution music, but Tidal subscriptions exist in various tiers, some of which do not

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