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    Indian Businesses Gear Up for the First Curb-Free Covid-19 Indian Festive Season Celebrations in 3 Years

    Indian firms are prepared to celebrate the Indian festive season without COVID-19 limitations for the first time in three years. India has many small firms hiring temporary workers as the holiday season approaches, while larger companies are expanding to new cities and introducing new items.

    Between September and November, a huge chunk of the 1.4 billion people in the country decorates their homes and purchase new clothes, automobiles, phones, and other things around the Hindu holidays of Durga Puja and Diwali. Two of the largest brands in e-commerce, Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart, have already announced hefty reductions.

    A Feast of Festive Fervour Preades for Navratri

    The biggest shopping season in India is generally the festive season. Diwali, which falls in November this year, is when the season peaks. It lasts till Christmas and New Year’s. But it all starts from Navaratri.

    As Pitru Paksha comes to a close, Kolkata is getting ready to welcome the Goddess from September 26 to October 5, 2022, in all her splendour. Deep discounting could boost sales in lower-value areas, but this appears unlikely, given that both the public and private markets expect e-commerce to be profitable.

    Along with numerous other activities, the exciting celebrity performances, Garba, dandiya, cuisine, games, and shopping make sure the city has a blast ringing in Navratri. The Utsav is making the most of the extra family time with festivals.

    Confederation of All India Traders  

    Festive celebration will be done without COVID 19 restrictions after three years. Sales for the upcoming Diwali season are expected to be at least 30% higher than last year, according to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).

    After two years of limitations, consumer attitude is “extremely positive,” according to CAIT Secretary-General Praveen Khandelwal, who has been touring the nation this month to urge retailers to stock up and provide them with a wide selection of products so that they can compete with online retailers.

    He said that more than 90% of pre-COVID levels have already been reached regarding the demand for CAIT members. Khandelwal claims that despite a recent decreased trend in retail inflation in India, expenditure is still a worry.

    To Meet the Indian Festive Season Demand, Logistics Companies are Also Expanding

    Smart Logistics launched operations a year ago and has expanded into several smaller locations. In contrast, Ecom Express, which distributes goods for e-commerce companies, has doubled its parcel processing capacity.

    According to Yogesh Dhingra, the creator of Smartr, “We seek to increase connection beyond the metro areas to bring about better accessibility and convenience of doing business for smaller and medium firms in tier-two and -three cities.”

    To accommodate “much increased volumes over the festive season,” logistics operator Delhivery Ltd anticipates creating more than 75,000 seasonal employments around September.

    The term “festival month” often refers to a time frame that begins with the first sales event and lasts roughly until the week before Diwali.

    The term Indian festive season month often refers to a time frame that begins with the first sales event and lasts roughly until the week before Diwali. After three years, the Indian business community gear up for the curb-free COVID-19 celebration.

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