Indian Embassy in Ukraine Directs Indians to Leave Immediately

    As the number of hostilities cases increases in India, Indians are urged to leave Ukraine soon. The latest warning was released on Tuesday by the Indian embassy in Ukraine. This was accomplished following issuing a similar alert a few weeks prior in response to the growing security situation in Ukraine.

    Previously Since February 2022, a total of 22,500 citizens have returned to India. In keeping with the advice given by the Indian embassy on October 19, all Indian citizens in Ukraine were urged to leave the country right away using all feasible ways, the embassy said.

    Why does the Embassy of India Ask Citizens to Leave Ukraine?

    The Indian embassy in Ukraine issued a new warning urging all Indians in Ukraine there to evacuate the nation immediately in light of the escalating tensions. In response to the escalating security situation in Ukraine, a similar caution was issued less than a week ago. Numerous Indian students have traveled to Ukraine over the years to pursue MBBS degrees, even though the country is at war with Russia.

    According to the earlier alert, several Indian nationals have already departed Ukraine. As a result of a significant explosion in Crimea around three weeks ago, Moscow launched retaliatory missile attacks against several Ukrainian cities, escalating the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine.

    What Exactly is Stated by Indian Embassy in Ukraine?

    The embassy has encouraged Indians left in Ukraine to get in touch with it if they need any advice or help to get to the Ukrainian border to leave the country. For the travelers’ convenience, they also posted the timing and information for the border crossing on the Embassy website. India has pushed for a diplomatic and consultative approach to the conflict’s resolution.

    According to the mission in Kyiv, Indian people can also get assistance by contacting the embassies of their countries in Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

    Eight months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and eight months after Russia’s allegations that Ukraine intended to use a so-called “dirty bomb,” India made its move. These allegations have been brushed off by officials from Western nations like the US and the UK as a Russian “false-flag operation.” The military forces of Ukraine also claimed to have freed four communities in the Donbas area.

    The initial warning on October 19 was sent by the Indian embassy in Ukraine in response to a substantial rise in Russian drone and missile attacks on Kyiv and other cities’ residential structures, as well as Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Indian nationals were likewise cautioned against visiting Ukraine in that alert.

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