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    India’s First Solar-Powered Village is Declared in Modhera, Gujarat, by PM Modi         

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi designated the first solar-powered village in India, Modhera in Gujarat’s Mehsana district, on October 9. According to Modi, Modhera, well-known for its ancient Sun temple constructed during the Chalukya period, will become known as a “solar-powered community.”

    PM Modi Live about Solar-Powered Village

    Modhera, Mehsana, and the entire North Gujarat have received new energy of development today, from electricity and water to road and rail. The prime minister said that many dairy-related projects, skill development, and healthcare had been inaugurated, and foundation stones had been laid while addressing a crowd. He continued by saying that while Modhera was previously recognised for its Sun Temple, it will now also be known as a solar-powered hamlet.

    Along with performing darshan and puja and going to the Modheshwari Mata Temple in Modhera.

    In Gujarat, assembly elections are expected to be held by the end of the year under the control of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

    First Solar-Powered Village in India

    The construction of a ground-mounted solar power plant and more than 1,300 rooftop solar systems on private and public buildings made Modhera the first 24-hour solar-powered village in the nation. The Prime Minister had dedicated numerous projects totalling more than 3,900 crore rupees earlier in the day in Modhera, Gujarat.

    During the project, the temple grounds received heritage lighting. In addition to the 3-D projectors being used every evening.

    What Must You Understand about Modhera?

    The Sun Temple at Modhera, located on the Pushpavati River, is well-known. It was constructed in 1026–1027 AD by the Chalukya dynasty King Bhima-I.

    In a series of tweets, the Gujarati government stated that more than 1000 solar panels had been installed on village homes, giving the locals access to electricity every day. A significant benefit is that they can access free solar power.

    While implementing several welfare programs sustainably in Gujarat, the Gujarat government also aims to increase renewable energy use in India.

    The state allocated 12 hectares of land for the project, and the central and state governments each contributed more than 80 crores in two parts. The Gujarat government had claimed that by making this change, residents of the Modhera village could reduce their electricity costs by 60% to 100%.

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