India’s Morbi Bridge Collapse: How a Tourist Spot Turned into a Death Bridge

    The state of Gujarat will commemorate a day of mourning on Wednesday in memory of the 135 people who lost their lives in the collapse of the Morbi Bridge. They were mostly older people, women, and children. What went wrong when repairs were completed five days earlier and the 137-year-old suspension bridge reopened?

    Locals and journalists criticize the business running the bridge and accuse the police and local officials of failing to do their jobs. CCTV footage revealed that some persons attempted to rock the suspension bridge from one side to the other just before it collapsed.

    The Moments Leading Up to the Disaster of Morbi Bridge

    The bridge accident occurs after 18:30. The state’s tourism website refers to it as a “technological marvel,” and tourists like to visit it. The 230m (754ft)-long bridge crosses the Machchu River to link Darbargarh Palace with Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

    A witness in a bridge collapses Morbi case in which 135 people perished claimed that the suspension bridge’s (Jhoolta Pul) cable was “rusted” and that “had the cable been repaired, this incident would not have happened.” The vertical suspenders of the suspension bridge, which are formed of ductile material and put under stress, keep the deck in place as it supports the weight of the people walking on it in addition to its weight.

    Overcrowding Causes Bridge Collapse in Gujarat India

    According to all accounts in Morbi, the bridge collapse was caused by the enormous number of people who were permitted to cross it at once.

    Although many eyewitnesses believe there were as many as 500 individuals on the bridge, the majority of people believe there should have been no more than 100 to 150 people there.

    Pravin Vyas, a senior journalist and long-time resident of Morbi, claims they had never seen the bridge so crowded.

    It was a Sunday and the last day of the week-long Diwali holiday, so locals and visitors were flocking there in large numbers. In addition, many people were joyful to get out and about after two years of Covid-19 restrictions, “added he.

    The 33-meter-long and 1.25-meter-wide bridge, originally built in 1877, was closed for six months for repairs before last week.

    The police have detained nine people as of this point in the incident. Three working security guards, ticket takers, and Morbi Bridge maintenance contractors make up the nine people who have been detained. These individuals were detained for a culpable homicide that did not constitute murder.

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